Sep 01

God dam it! Did a giant sword just destroy my bowling lounge!?Click for full image

So, for the cover I was thinking “fear”. What are the two things you are most afraid of attacking this building right now?  A small space ship firing a pretty standard laser, that’s scary, right?  But what, get this, if it came with a friend?  A giant legionarys sword! If that cut into your building you’d defecate yourself right there and then!

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12 Responses to “Operation Damocles”

  1. SI Says:

    I really don’t understand what is going on here.

    Is the sword a symbol of the lasers power?

    Is damcoles a Latin thing? Hence the roman style sword?

    My brain hurts.

  2. Roses Says:

    I suspect the ‘ultimate weapon in the wrong hands’ was actually the canvas of the person who designed the cover.

    I think I’m insulted that they had to include the sword. I get the satellite and it’s laser attacking the White House. The sword with ‘Damocles’ written on it assumes the reader of this book is an idiot.

    In which case, I’ll pass on reading the book.

  3. CSA Says:

    hmm, im not sure i understand… are you saying that at no point in the story does a 100m tall sword crash into a building that looks vaguely like the White House?

    Ahhh my brain! Me no understand

  4. Bryce Says:

    The cover is a picture knife sitting on top of a picture of a satellite shooting at (and being flung toward) the white-houseish building. Notice the shadow. Why the owner of the knife would leave it on top of that picture is beyond me.

  5. Roses Says:

    Well, if the book follows a traditional story arc…I’d say you can expect 100m tall sword to appear round about Chapter 8.

    If you make it that far…

  6. CSA Says:

    The shadow on the sword is quite confusing. It looks like the laser thing is about to crash into it.

    Are they proper chapters or those tiny chapters with only 4 pages that have become increasingly more popular over the years? I bet they’re tiny

  7. little mi Says:

    I’m with Bryce, the knife is ment to be on top of the picture of the laser shooting the building. I am assuming that this is ment to create a kind of 3D feel or something though mostly it just looks foolish.

    I took me a couple of looks to realise that the Operation at the top had any connection at all to the Damocles on the knife. In a rather silly moment I just thought they’d randomly decided to right Damocles on the blade in rubbish font.

  8. JustinLeego Says:

    Although on closer inspection, the sword is slightly opaque. Combined with the drop shadowing, this means we are looking at a highly customised mouse pointer.

  9. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘What’s a killer satellite look like then?’

    ‘A what?’

    ‘You know…a satellite you’d use to shoot a laser at the White House or something.’

    ‘Dunno. But, would you feast your eyes on this thing! My kid bashed it together with some model jet turbines and some cooling panels.’

    Incidentally, if you’re reading the book and you skip a page, does Oscar L. Fellows’ nose light up?

  10. Jaouad Says:

    Stop blathering about that sword. I’m surprised nobody has said anything at all about the huge blue planet in the background, hanging over the White House like a, er… sword of Damocles.

  11. Tom Noir Says:

    What I like about this cover is, it’s so subtle.

    PLUS, the White House is now in SPACE!

  12. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Oil is to water like subtlety is to Baen book covers.

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