Oct 08

She made us stand like this till someone turned up to see how awesome we are.Click for full image

WELLL! How about Lois sitting on a rocking chair right next to a lovely log fire with a couple of cats curled up nicely beside her. To amplify the warmness we’ll have three people in space-age uniforms standing right best her, one of them holding a laser rifle. And for the finishing touch, put a mustache and bandana in there too.

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11 Responses to “The Vorkosigan Companion”

  1. SI Says:

    I do believe every head in this one is in perfect size relation to everything else…..

  2. little mi Says:

    I have a wonderful vision of this nice lady with her kittens in her nice house making nice cups of tea and cookies for all the strange uniformed people with guns that appear to be hanging out in her livingroom.
    I bet she makes them all take their muddy shoes off before coming in the house.

  3. SI Says:

    hehe you’ve just alerted me to something there….

    Where the hell are their legs? I’m pretty sure the mustache guy and the girl don’t have any legs at all. Maybe the rocking chair has ate them!

  4. little mi Says:

    Cor…your right!

    Maybe the nice lady isn’t so darn nice after all. She has clearly cut of their legs and is keeping them hostage like an extreme version of the scary lady in Misery.

  5. CSA Says:

    Your definately onto something there mi, but i think she chops off their legs at the shins and makes them Cosplay as 80′s action and scifi characters. If the she and her cats aren’t entertained then they lose another inch of thier legs.

    Their legless torsos are hung from the rafters by think wires where the womans inbred children use them to reinact their favourite scenes from thunderbirds…. its a chilling tale

  6. Roses Says:

    You guys are sooo warped.

    I’m afraid that’s my only comment I care to make on this cover. It’s too disturbing.

  7. SI Says:

    I see.. so in fact the viewer is thinking everything is fine while they are actually trapped there. Unable to move because of lack of legs.

    We’re not warped. Clinically unstable I believe is a better term :P

  8. admin's vassal Says:

    I just want you to know that whenever I update the tags for a piece of Darrell K Sweet cover art then, yes, I really do mutter “sweeeeet” under my breath!

    For lo, his covers are truly sweet.

  9. Adam Roberts Says:

    Is that Stalin standing behind the chair? And a young Michael J Fox with the laser rifle? When did *they* become friends?

  10. CSA Says:

    wow, your so right!
    they may not be friends though
    Teen Wolf Vs. Russia

    Who will win?

  11. Sorcha Says:

    That one poor cat looks like it’s about to get cut in half by the rocking chair.

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