Apr 13

At least these invading alien robots had the decency to make themselves look humanoid!Click for full image

Nix comments: This has an annoyingly shiny cover, so it may be hard to read its contents. It’s an anthology of four famous SF works: _2001_, _The Demolished Man_, _The Day of the Triffids_, and _I, Robot_. As you know, all of these contained city-sized giant mecha and huge explosions (although only two had the giant mecha dive-bombed by rocketships), so the cover is quite appropriate, and obviously is a fine piece of artwork: tasteful, yet subtle. I’m only sending it in because it’s so annoyingly shiny.

Many thanks to Nix!

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11 Responses to “Great Science Fiction Stories”

  1. SI Says:

    The robot does have a strange, almost shocked expression on him. Like:

    ‘Hey, my robo crotch is exploding!’

  2. Adam Roberts Says:

    My Robo Crotch Is Exploding would be a great title for a film. A certain kind of film, that is.

  3. James Lovegrove Says:

    St Michael! This is a Marks and Sparks book! I wonder if you could return it to the shop and ask for the same in a different cover.

  4. SI Says:

    Gah… I can hear that womens voice now. “This isn’t just great science fiction stories, it’s….”

  5. Simon Says:

    Isn’t that a giant robotic Mister Ben (with an exploding crotch)?

    It is indeed a M&S book. I had one on aircraft when I were lad. It had concorde on the front. An exploding concorde would have been prescient AND have kept it in series style. A missed opportunity I feel.

  6. Nix Says:

    Yes, I admit it: my mother bought me this book when I was about eight. I thought the cover was really great then. (It was still a bit of a shock to open it and see what was inside. HAL-plus-Discovery is sort of a giant robot, I suppose…)

  7. Ron Obvious Says:

    If the art is good and the stories are good, I can’t ridicule anything? Now I’m going into Baen Books / John Ringo / Saberhagen withdrawal.

  8. Zazu Yen Says:

    “The robot does have a strange, almost shocked expression on him. Like:

    ‘Hey, my robo crotch is exploding!’”

    Well, you know the first crotch explosion is rather alarming.

    This is the ‘I, Robot’ book I remember, which does indeed cover the robot part of it nicely, but it could be a technical manual for all it has to say. And ‘beyond tomorrow’ is what, Thursday?

  9. Bookworm Bas Says:

    I have read these. Not this book but the stories at least. I like Asimov for his dialogue, characterisation and scientific view. Wyndham wrote some excellent Science Fiction (highly recommend the Chrysalids). Arthur C. Clarke is another god of Sci Fi I’ll have a look but I don’t think he would allow bad covers. I have the Demolished man by Bester in my collection. I’ll check and see if it is worthy of submission.

  10. Brian Weaver Says:

    2001 featured giant mecha and huge explosions? I’m not remembering those parts.

  11. SI Says:

    You obviously aren’t reading the same 2001 as Nix ;-)

    Though, I think it was sarcasm.

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