Aug 19

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Tag Wizard Comments: I hear that feet are hard to draw. Especially for Jeff Jones. Don’t believe me? Click on his tag.

You might remember this from here.

Published 1973

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15 Responses to “The Solarians”

  1. THX 1139 Says:

    Left off the last line of the blurb: the words “THE END”.

  2. fred Says:

    Never read of them being called ‘solarians’ before today, and probably never will again.

  3. Francis Boyle Says:

    I’ll give the feet thing a pass. After all they’re not the most attractactive human feature (unless you’re into that sort of thing and if you are well just deal with it Quentin, I don’t need 36 shots of feet in one movie). But what’s Jeff Jones’ issue with mouths. Or is he just into very hairy women? Nah, probably just a women not being able to talk fetish.

  4. JuanPaul Says:

    Isolated from society and missing the trend towards skinny jeans, the Solarians continued to push the limits of bell bottoms for 300 years.

  5. Bibliomancer Says:

    Also, hands and faces are hard to draw. But tits are easy!

  6. Longtime_Lurker Says:

    Considered simply as a piece of art, it’s better than the first one. Still wouldn’t interest me in reading the book though. And neither cover gives me any sense of what the book is about.

  7. Tat Wood Says:

    @Juan Paul: Solar Flares?

  8. Tor Mented Says:

    There are so many complaints about obscured feet that I’m beginning to think this group is lack-toes intolerant.
    (Yeah, I just re-used that joke.)

  9. Ray P Says:

    Those skin-tight pants look painted on.

  10. JuanPaul Says:

    @TatW good show, sir

  11. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Three hundred years of wading around in muck with Jimmies stuck to your legs does strange things to a people.

  12. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @Tor M—still funny, though, and since I never metatarsal I didn’t like, I say again GSS! 😉

  13. GSS ex-noob Says:

    “Hey, this book didn’t sell too well 9 years ago with a representative cover. Put a chick on it this time. Tits sell!”

    Wouldn’t it have been easier for Jeff to learn to draw feet — or at least shoes/boots — than to go to all the ridiculous lengths he did to hide them? Seriously, do click on his tag.

  14. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I don’t think it was such a good idea to let Siri write cover blurbs. One can sense the complete “otherness” about them.

  15. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Her arms and face seem a different color from her torso. It would seem that she normally wears more clothes, although since I don’t know whether she tans yellow-pink or grey, I can’t be sure what sort of clothes.

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