Oct 24

Welcome to my world. I'm here to rip the females clothes in select tantalizing places!Click for full image

Boaz Comments: Two people — enraptured, motionless, poised, transfixed by a flying troll/dragonfly/scaled creature…
Published 1975

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20 Responses to “Under the Triple Suns”

  1. Tom M Says:

    I bet there’s far more than two people transfixed by that hovering beast this morning. I know I am!

    Wikipedia has the cover artist as Hannes Bok, by the way.

  2. THX 1138 Says:

    The 1975 World Staring Championships took an unusual turn.

  3. SI Says:

    Humans are always so clumsy when going to other planets. I mean look at them. Just off the ship and they’ve ripped their clothes already!

  4. Joachim Says:

    The guy looks like Jude Law…. a pasty Jude Law…

  5. Ted Says:

    You guys are missing the drama of the story. The high level of argon in this atmosphere is causing irreversible hypertrophy of the cheekbones! That poor woman already looks almost exactly like the alien Shelleyan dragonfly.

  6. Muttley Says:

    Lets see, Chesley Bonestell spaceship, Brad and Janet on the cover – this is a sequel to Rocky Horror, they’re on Transexual Transylvania, and that’s Tinkerbell without the glamour.

  7. Adam Roberts Says:

    Woman: Brad, did you stop taking your meds? Are you hearing the voices again?
    Man: No … er, no, no.
    Pixie: Burn it! Burn it all!

  8. Ian Says:

    Surely the title should be “Over the Triple Suns” right?

  9. Tom Noir Says:

    I dig the old-school racing-fin rocket ship! I think they made a mistake when they decided to go with a flying troll doll over robot nazis, though.

  10. fred Says:

    The shadows and lighting on this cover are wacky given the position of the suns on the horizon.

  11. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Couple: Excuse me there Miss Dragonfly, we have been walking for hours and can’t seem to locate where Miss Ladybug’s party is being held?

    Dragonfily Girl: The party is that-a-way…

  12. Alessandra Kelley Says:

    My first thought was surprise that Hannes Bok painted the cover, given that he died in 1965 and at first glance this looked like a bad ’70s pastiche of old pulp cover art (yellow sky, check, parabolic parked rocket, check, dude and chick in ripped clothes, check, wacko alien, check). But no, this is a reprint of a 1955 edition and Bok did indeed paint the cover.

    Boy, he sure phoned this one in. It just goes to show that anyone can have a bad day. Bok is usually a lot better than this.

  13. A.R.Yngve Says:

    The artwork does give me a strong children’s book vibe.

    Note how there seems to be no logical connection between the couple and the spaceship. (Do they look like astronauts to you? Did the pixie arrive in the rocket? Who knows?)

  14. Jerk of all Trades Says:

    …And then I realized this was actually the cover of a commercially-published novel, and not a self-published online “book’s” clip-art explosion.

  15. Jerk of all Trades Says:

    According to the internet, this is about the last three surviving humans who, after having to abandon Earth because it was destroyed — right in the middle of a dinner party, from the looks of it — are now trying to get set up on a new planet and Keep Humanity Alive.

    Look out, hideous bug-treasure troll-person, they’re after your land!

  16. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Pixie: “We don’t want you here, stealing out jobs and our pixie womenfolk! We’ll build a fence around the planet!… Oh, and we need someone to mow our lawns and take care of our kids, if you’re looking for work.”

  17. Phil Says:

    Flying pixie-troll-thing has waaaayyyyy too many fingers (on one hand). And far too few toes.

  18. Tat Wood Says:

    I like to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a, I like to sing-a

    ( )

  19. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘Ya know what? I’m not gonna sting you after all. Cuz that’s my choice.’

  20. Tom Noir Says:

    The planet Morkon 5 is invaded by a completely different art style!

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