Mar 15

Witch witch is witch?Click for larger image

Good Show Sir Comments: Bonus Irish Witch two-fer on one cover. You get the Madonna … and the whore!

Published 1977

You remember this one. (Check out the bonus HD image.)

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16 Responses to “The Irish Witch”

  1. fred Says:

    Be careful around that crown or you’ll lose an eye.

  2. THX 1139 Says:

    You tried to give Father Ted one of those all-female remakes AND NOW LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED!

  3. Bibliomancer Says:

    “Sorry we can’t afford costumes, ladies. We blew the art budget on the crowns.”

  4. Alice Says:

    Dennis Wheatley is The Irish Witch.

  5. drlemaster Says:

    Will someone please get the lady in back a space sheep so she can put her arms down?

  6. Francis Boyle Says:

    No Siobhan, that’s not the voice of God – you’re picking up Alex Jones on local AM radio.

  7. Tat Wood Says:

    @THX, drlemaster: Down with this sort of thing.

  8. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    “I call forth the dark powers…”
    “Does rubbing your nipples evoke your powers?”
    “No, this just feels good.”

  9. Tor Mented Says:

    It must be Flashboob Friday.

  10. Tat Wood Says:

    The rejected cover shows Benny and Bjorn sacrificing a goat.

  11. Hammy Says:

    o/~It’s a black magic story,
    It’s a black magic story,
    It’s a black magic story,
    Cover’s got me so blind I can’t see,

    It’s a black magic story,
    GSS tryin’ to make an example of Wheat-ley…..o/!

    Gah! Apologies to Carlos Santana and all of GSS. Just can’t make that last line scan….

  12. Bruce A Munro Says:

    If that’s an Irish witch, I’m Queen Mab, and I’m not feeling any butterfly wings when I lean back in my chair.

  13. THX 1139 Says:

    It’s an Irish Witch in the same way Irish coffee is Irish.

  14. GSS ex-noob Says:

    That’s proper Wheatley cover, that is. Except the woman at the top (Young Cher?) has helpfully self-censored herself. But there’s no obligatory Evil Object! She’s even got her cross on right way up. Are Irish witches still Catholic at heart?

    Blonde lady really is wearing a bunch of car antennae, isn’t she?

    “Wheatley” sounds like it ought to be some sort of breakfast food. A bad, tasteless one.

    @Tat: Took me a second, but yes. Perfect for 1977, too.

    @Hammy: A good effort, nonetheless.

  15. Hammy Says:

    @THX (#13):

    A couple of shots and *everyone’s* an Irish witch, you mean?

  16. B. Chiclitz Says:

    This cover and GSS’s comment bring back a memory of a Hallowe’en party I attended in my wastrel youth and two girls were dressed as witches and out of nowhere a guy I think was tripping came up and started asking me “Which witch is which?” over and over in an increasingly manic voice as I tried to ease off to the porch and safety. I still don’t know the answer, but thanks for reminding me.

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