Mar 07

MAN KAT SEZ, BOW TIEZ R KEWL!Click for full image

Mr Cliftopher Comments: I can only guess that the only available artist was a 5 year old with some brand new crayons.
Published 1967
aka The Stars My Destination

Many thanks to the Cliftopher!

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32 Responses to “Tiger Tiger”

  1. A.R.Yngve Says:

    And Alfred Bester could never again wash away the “Furry” taint from his reputation.

  2. Bibliotropic Says:

    Sweet fancy Moses, that thing could give you nightmares!

  3. SI Says:

    The odd placement of teeth scares me… so does the rest of it.

    I want to sleep with the light on tonight.

  4. Dave Van Domelen Says:

    “I just saw that new Beatles cartoon while totally tripping…you’ve GOT to give me something in that style!”

  5. Dalton H. Says:

    Good lord! A fancy Vulcan Thundercat!

  6. A.R.Yngve Says:

    The Pepperland My Destination

  7. Phil Says:


  8. SI Says:

    Did Tiger Tiger just kill Phil?

  9. NGpm Says:

    Wow, that’s just bizarre. I love the grill on that cat … the “ting mark” is a nice effect too.

    Art Deco and narcotics meet, and the effect is jutht thtunning. Growl.

  10. Amy Says:

    Can’t sleep… Tiger! Tiger! will eat me…

  11. THX 1138 Says:

    I like to think the bowtie revolves. Maybe in the pop-up book version? Or is that what this is?

  12. Scott B Says:

    Not so much “fearful symmetry” as “really creepy distortion”. Gah!

  13. Alexis Says:

    Ah, TSMD. Has there ever been a better book subjected to a run of more awful covers?

  14. Mark V Thomas Says:

    The crew of the spaceship, Vorga-T:1669, would like to know when exactly Mr G.Foyle is due to “kill them filthily”, and also the lost property office would like to know who does own this kilo of Pyre-E, in isomer form, otherwise it’s up for auction next week, as no-one’s claimed it…

  15. A.R.Yngve Says:

    But look at the bright side! At least you can safely read this book on the bus or train, without being suspected of reading some trashy “science-fiction” publication…

  16. Nix Says:

    Only its head is there. The rest has presumably jaunted away. (Yuck.)

  17. mfabry Says:

    That’s a novel concept – Vampire Tiger from Outer Space!

  18. David P Says:

    My Dad has that copy, and I have to say that cover scared the beejesus out of me when I was a five year old. Thankfully I’ve grown up to be a fully well adjusted adult 😉

  19. AwieUltra Says:

    The artstyle kinda reminds me of this one:

  20. NGpm Says:

    @ A.R.Yngve: Very true, compared to the art on some books, I could read this without someone necessarily thinking I was weird because of the book (doesn’t keep them from thinking I’m weird for other reasons though).

  21. Brian B Says:

    I have only one question: where can I buy a poster version of this!?

    There is no way in hell any of my students would DARE question me again if they saw THAT staring them down in my office!

  22. swheaties Says:

    OMG! I own this copy, inherited by my English parents. I love the book, and bemoan the cover. The cover on his Golem is just as bad –

  23. Herm Says:

    Swheaties, at first glance I read the title on your cover as “Golemioooooooo”. Actually I like it a lot, except that the creature at the top (a) doesn’t look like a golem and (b) is Bowser.

  24. jesika Says:


  25. Trish Says:

    You know how I can tell the illustrator didn’t read past the title of this book?

  26. Don Hilliard Says:

    Somewhere there’s a reference photo for this cover…and it’s apparently Gene Simmons being slapped in the face with a flying-fish.

  27. Adam Smith Says:

    An excellent Alan Aldridge design – I love this whole series of sci fi cover he did for Penguin in 1967.

  28. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    I love this whole series of sci fi cover he did


  29. Adam Smith Says:

    The whole series can be seen here. Excellent work, in my opinion, though as you see not everyone (including the authors) agreed:

  30. Adam Smith Says:

    It’s interesting to compare variant covers over succeeding years here:

  31. anon Says:

    @A.R.Yngve: It’s a different kind of tiger. Please don’t bring up furry taints.

  32. JJYoyo Says:

    I never knew the Cheshire Cat danced the Tango. Learn something every day.

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