Dec 08

Well Tim here you go... this is one messed up fetish.Click for full image

You know what I love when admiring the female form. If only they’d put on a robe, a death mask and pick up a scythe. Man, if we draw a women like that. Why are you looking at me like that guys? Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of it before. No? Really? Oh.

Thanks to CSA!

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21 Responses to “Vision of Tarot”

  1. SI Says:

    CSA, you defiantly did get a good few semi-naked women.

    This does take things to a new level though.

  2. CSA Says:

    Even the Grim Reaper needs a halloween costume…. this year he’s going as Katie Price.

  3. Simon Says:

    Look at the sythe of those . . .

  4. SI Says:

    Nice Simon, Nice 😉

    It must be uncomfortable to swing that thing without proper support.

  5. JustinLeego Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s a guy. Check out the pecs on that, phwoar!

    See? Guilt free.

  6. Karl Says:

    Vision of Tarot alright. Still, I bet she’s a goer. Likes to go. Know what I mean? Say no more! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Two winks is good as one to a blind bat. No, I’m not insinuating anything.

  7. Jami Says:

    She looks too old to be a Peirs Anthony heroine. He tends to prefer them under 15.

  8. Mogadored Says:

    I think it looks like the Grim Reaper decided to soften the blow of appearing before the dead and dying by wearing a pair of gag false boobies.

  9. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Death regretted the boob job — it did not make her more attractive, despite the promises of that plastic-surgery sales rep.

  10. Tom Noir Says:

    Whoa Nelly! Get a load of that broad’s… tarot deck!

  11. THX 1139 Says:

    Well, that’s just the epitome of mixed messages.

  12. fred Says:

    Thanos gives it a 10.

  13. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Eros and Thanatos sittin’ in a tree
    Icky ambiguity
    Foisted by Piers Anthony
    In this unholy trilogy
    And this is only Volume Two
    I’m not sure that I want to see
    What awaits in Volume Three

  14. Bruce A Munro Says:

    That Halloween’s “sexy grim reaper” costume didn’t sell nearly as well as the manufacturer hoped.

  15. GSS ex-noob Says:

    Sexy Death needs to wear a bra.

    Also, what the hell does Piers Anthony’s Tarot deck look like?

    Never mind, I really don’t want to know. If Death is this boobular, we don’t want to see The High Priestess.

  16. Lars of Mars Says:

    About 4 years ago during a quick lunchtime ride through a local forest preserve I saw a woman dressed like this for a photo shoot.
    She waved as I rode by, which I took to mean “don’t worry, we’re harmless.”
    And the first thing that came to mind was “Grim reaper in the forest preserve at lunchtime? Not freaking me out. I go to SF conventions wearing my normal (bicycling) clothes, and people attending in costume freak out!”

  17. Bruce A Munro Says:

    ” I go to SF conventions wearing my normal (bicycling) clothes, and people attending in costume freak out!”

    @Lars of Mars: They do? How peculiar. Is there some sort of bicyclist – SF fan cultural conflict I am unaware of?

  18. Leak Says:

    That’s the second worst cosplay of Bernie from Death Vigil that I’ve ever seen…

  19. Lars of Mars Says:

    Here in the Chicago area the overlap between the bicycling and science fiction fan community is essentially me…
    I only know of two people who have ever bicycled to local conventions, and the other one is my best biking buddy (also my mortal biking enemy, but we won’t go into that right now).
    Once upon a time we both arrived at WindyCon wearing our high-visibility jackets, black cycling tights, and dedicated cycling shoes, promptly setting off a string of questions about what anime series we were cosplaying???

  20. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Lars of Chicago: I’d believe that. Maybe you should research anime series and see what matches your gear the best? Instant costume!

    There’s more of an overlap other places, but on the whole, fen are not athletic.

    Will you be at Worldcon next year, plague willing? I’m planning on it, Chicago throws great Worldcons.

  21. Lars of Mars Says:

    @GSS ex-noob: I don’t know yet – I’ve been so busy bailing my employer out of multiple serial crises that I don’t tend to think of much beyond the immediate.
    My domestic partner is heavily involved in running the other current local SF convention, CapriCon.
    I’m just the guy that hangs out at the con for 4 days, then works until 1 AM Monday morning hauling everything back to the storage facility.
    The next CapriCon is in downtown Chicago for the first time in decades. Nobody knows how the logistics are going to work out for that.

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