May 23

Tripper Gore

Good Show Sir comments: Sorry about that. Had to let the intern go. Too many questions about “salary” and “benefits” and “business licences”.

So we’re back after a personal bank holiday. Let’s start off with something terrible enough to make Dali question his life choices.

Published 1973

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10 Responses to “The Earth Tripper”

  1. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Certainly appears to be trippin.’ It being 1973, there’s a good chance the artist was as well.

  2. A. R. Yngve Says:

    In 1973, the pool of hippie readers who were still conscious enough to read a skiffy book was drying up fast.

  3. fred Says:

    If you read this book backwards it’ll say Paul is dead.

  4. Michael Toland Says:

    Is there a hashtag for “Oh god! My eyes!”

  5. Tat Wood Says:

    I thought the Moon was made of green cheese, not gruyere. But quite how Leonard Cohen got embroiled in this mess is a story I would like to hear.

  6. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Nobody will ever do a cover of this song.


  7. Bruce A Munro Says:

    To the moon, Al Pacino! To the moooon!

  8. GSS ex-noob Says:


    That makes up for the reruns all at once, doesn’t it? I swear I can *hear* this cover, even without the drugs everyone involved was on.

    I’m not sure what the green planet is supposed to be — is it where the tripper is from? As @Tat pointed out, the moon’s the lower one, considering the cheese. If it’s the Wallace and Gromit moon, all cheeses are possible. Has he come to steal our women and our solid dairy products?

    @Bruce: *squints at pic* *checks date* I think that’s meant to be Al. They wanted him, but couldn’t afford him after “The Godfather”, so they had to go with Cohen. Who probably liked the babes but wasn’t so keen on his head being covered with melted cheese.

  9. Emster Says:

    When Stranger in a Strange Land (61) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (62) get together and have a hippie lovechild… wasn’t sure what to make of the cover so I read the book synopsis. Sorta matches, I guess?

    This could have been used as the groovy cover for a Farley Mowat northwest Canadian woods coming of age story, but I’m also seeing an uncanny resemblance to Rick Springfield, and a certain earworm is coming to mind… apologies to all!

  10. JJYoyo Says:

    That is the most anti-climactic taglines I have ever seen: “an alien trapped in an alien world.”
    What’s next? “A dog trapped in a dog’s body.”
    “Howard the Duck: trapped in a world he never left in the first place.”

    @Emster: Farley Mowat must have brewed his tea with the wrong lichen off the river stones in the Mackenzie to get a cover as wavy-gravy as that! You blew my mind with that idea!

    @fred: GSS! Or rather, !SSG.

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