Nov 13

She's got someTing!

Good Show Sir Art Direction: “I’m thinking a pale yellow font on a pale blue background. Make it pop!”

Thanks to Ryan for sending this in!

Published 1976

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18 Responses to “Gate of Ivrel”

  1. Tat Wood Says:

    She never actually fights anyone, she just lifts the sword over her head and unsheathes it twenty times to tone her abs.

  2. Max Bathroom Says:

    The contestant who placed third in the sword posturing contest was so embarrassed that they couldn’t even be bothered to turn up and pose with the winner and the guy who came second…

  3. fred Says:

    Couldn’t she find a pair of color coodinated boots? That just shows her lack of commitment to the buxom sword chick code.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Bladed Weapons 4 : 0 Shirts

  5. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Also known as “the gate of stabbing.” (Visitors will be stabbed.)

  6. NomadUK Says:

    Eliminate that belly fat with this one weird trick …

  7. NomadUK Says:

    Anyway, this one is far better:

  8. Tor Mented Says:

    Lervi foe tag

  9. GSS ex-noob Says:

    “And make that pale blue background take up most of the cover! We don’t want the art, the title, or the blurb to take up valuable space that can be blue! Nobody wants to see thews, biceps, boobs, or weapons!”

    @fred: The boots seem to match the belt. Same stabbed critter. Speaking of which, this needs the “booties” tag.

    @Bruce: Maybe Iveriel is the deity of stabbing. GSS.

    @Tor: Took me a second. I miss @anon’s anagrams, but your effort’s pretty good.

    The art per se isn’t bad, just the other elements of the cover are.

  10. Leak Says:

    @Tor: I’d have gone with “Lea Over Gift” – and now she’s going back to the shop to return it…

  11. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @GSS ex-noob: I guess the art department had a bunch of light blue paint they wanted to get rid of.

  12. Tor Mented Says:

    @GSSXN and Leak: It’s not an anagram. It’s mirror writing.
    Me and Leonardo, y’know.

  13. Emster Says:

    @Bruce: “Meanwhile, over at the Bridge of Bludgeoning…”

    Also, the ’76 cover is just a warmup for this beauty:

  14. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @Emster: I see the cover has become much more horse-centric, with the humans reduced to the role of gate posts.

    I blame My Little Pony.

  15. Francis Boyle Says:

    The cover’s so generic I’ve already forgotten it just scrolling down here but I must say Ivrel’s a pretty damn good cough medication.

  16. Leak Says:

    @Tor: granted, I didn’t know that it was distorted mirror writing – how else could the space have moved a position?

  17. Tor Mented Says:

    @Leak: Because in this universe, the laws of space are different.

  18. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Emster: Egads. That horror seems to be a comic book adaptation? Looks like they had more of the leftover paint as @Bruce said.

    @Leak: So is the ridiculously long sword the gift she’s returning, or is it Faux-nan? I’m thinking the sword — it’s almost as long as her leg and thus hard to maneuver. She’s going for store credit to get one that’s more her size, and not so obviously “This is a sword worth a lot of money”. Maybe she’ll have enough left over to buy Faux-nan a scabbard.

    @Tor: Ah, on the other side of the gate.

    Is Faux-nan just shaded badly, or is he a cat person?

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