Mar 02

The nipples? Just to make me look good. Ohhhh yea.Click for full image

So lets say we have a black man and I really mean black. We’ll have him dressed in white skin, with nipples, because without the nipples it would just look strange. I am sure we can fob it off as social commentary. As long as we have the nipples.

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13 Responses to “The Rebel Worlds”

  1. SI Says:

    I don’t know… I just have no words. Why the nipples… why?

  2. Simon Says:

    They called him the Black Liberace and his hair was made from stone.

  3. CSA Says:

    When faced with the nipples, not even Nick Griffin dares question his ethnicity.

    Hmm, is it worrying that i cant stop looking at his nipples? I’m really trying to notice things like the squashed r and s in anderson…. but my gaze inevitably drifts back the highly unnecessary nipples and i wonder about their importance in the Galactic empire. Do they lead to the fall of the empire? Or are they simply nipples? Who knows, or cares to dream?

  4. Adam Roberts Says:

    “Back … a little further back … I need to get all of you in frame … just one more step — ach! You’ve cracked the glass background with your stone haircut!’

  5. SI Says:

    haha @ adam

    It’s either that or he has some nice blue ribbon holding his stone cut in place.

  6. Adam Roberts Says:

    Does anybody else think he looks a bit like David Prowse? I mean, obviously, a black David Prowse wearing a Silence of the Lambs skin-suit.

  7. Karl Says:

    He looks like Tom Jones, but his chest is less hairy.

  8. CSA Says:

    Brilliant, i just got a mental image of Darth Vader lowering a bucket down to a cowering Tom Jones with the James Earl Jones voice saying “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”. Mental image of the week.

  9. Adam Roberts Says:

    Which institution is it you’re staying in at the moment, CSA?

  10. CSA Says:

    Its okay, anytime i feel i’m going mad i just visit the Scientologists and they sort out my engrams.

  11. SI Says:

    He only thinks that Adam, truth is the centre gives him an hour of internet access a day and a curly wurly.

    Someone has to keep him amused!

  12. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I know that science fiction is supposed to stretch the limits of the imagination, but a future where people willingly wear THAT is stretching the limit beyond belief.

  13. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    *Pussy Wagon guy voice* ‘Heh heh…I’m pupating.’

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