Oct 08

I may be freezing and dying of hypothermia... but boy to I look good...Click for full image

Art Direction: We don’t need an artist! Have you seen what I can do with photoshop? Look, I can take this picture of Karen and… BAM… she’s blue! I know, hilarious right? And that’s not it, just cut and paste and… WHAM… she’s in a badly rendered icy landscape looking cold. Stick in the title and oh hold on, why is it behind her arm… Layers? Sounds like witchcraft to me. Finished!
Published 2004

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9 Responses to “The White Sybil”

  1. Deborah Says:

    does she have some kind of ghostly wings, or a tail floating around behind her dress?
    I think the red cliffs are a clever way to make the blue-grey woman stand out from the blue-grey background. excellent choice.
    and surely this qualifies for a ‘font problems’ tag too – it took me three goes to work out what the surname was – Sorith? South? Smith!

  2. Phil Says:

    If she’s the white sybil, I wonder what the BLUE sybil would look like. Yellow, I guess.

  3. SI Says:

    Deborah> She could be a blue fairy! Cause that would make sense… right?

  4. Evad Says:

    Walking around looking dazed & confused on the icy ledges. Isn’t that just typical white sybil behavior for you?

  5. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Clark Ashton Smith was once a best-selling pulp writer. And he gets… that.
    Mark my words: That fate will one day befall re-released Stephen King books.

    Now, if a REAL pulp-era artist had made the cover, it might have looked a little something like this:

  6. Brian B Says:

    I do have to give them credit for using a realistically proportioned woman for the model. I’d like to believe this was an intentional choice because a) real women with curves are attractive and b) if you lived in an icy tundra logically you would WANT a bit of extra mass. However I have to agree with the “art director” from the blurb and I assume that this is just Karen from the accounts receivable department down the hall.

  7. A.R.Yngve Says:

    If you think the cover for WHITE SYBIL bombed, you should’ve seen the covers for WHITE BASIL and WHITE EMANUEL…

  8. Annexian Says:

    This should be a CRIME!!!

    Ever saw “Emperor of Dreams” that re-hashed an earlier cover. Shows what copyright does, CAS has a not-so small cult following that could easily fund paying professional artists to do wonderous and macbre tributes to him. But since there’s people who still hold onto the copyrights, rather a confusing motley crue of lawyers who bought out copyright holders, etc. it’s difficult and expensive to get any permissions or not be sued even when clearly in public domain, so the re-published works tend to be lowest common denominator and just use cheap junk from “Art Pits”… An insult to the Ballantine revival. The return of the sorceror pic was awesome, but again just something an artist did with no connection to CAS.

    IMO, they should hire Corben since he did “Return of the Sorceror” and “Vaults of You Vombis” and is working on “Necromancy in Naat”…

    Frankly, “Bryce” is cheaper than photoshop, often “Free” (older versions) with computer magazines. Here’s something I tossed together:

    Heh, even one of my “Scrap” arts to test a technique (Pseudo paper cutout) would do better as a cover, though CAS fans would instantly notice what this was:-) If anyone used THAT, doubtless it’d end up here and I’d refuse since I’m working on a much better CAS image, but even that would be better.

  9. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Wait, wait, wait. How did ClaRk Asb†On Son†b’s novel not get a font problems tag?

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