Jun 02

Are you lord of the cats? No... well I guess it's true then.Click for full image

Tom’s Art Direction: Listen you lot, it’s supposed to be a DRAGON. This just looks like some sort of blue lizard. It needs more pointy bits! Don’t come back until you’ve absolutely peppered that thing with spikes. Oh, and draw the world’s most awkward swordsman beside it, you know, for human interest.
Published 1985

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20 Responses to “Cats Have No Lord”

  1. Ian Sales Says:

    So where are the cats?

  2. Phil Says:

    Excuse me, dragon, could you spare any change for a cup of tea? No, I’m not threatening you. I don’t HAVE a sword, I really don’t.

  3. Phil Says:

    Sorry for double-posting, but this could be (and probably is) an endless series.

    Book 2: Cats Have No Lady
    Book 3: Cats Have No Vest

    Book N: Cats Have No X, where X is any singular noun selected at random.

  4. THX 1138 Says:

    “So I says to them, take my damsel – please! What? This is my best material!”

  5. Pat Says:

    “If you say you are a cat, you are a cat. So do you want a full cream organic or semi-skimmed?”

  6. benny Says:

    are they in the cave of popcorn?

  7. Kristin Says:

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

  8. Tom Noir Says:

    What really impresses me about this book at second glance is the way the title, the blurb and the cover art all have NOTHING to do with one another.

  9. fred Says:

    Silly title. Of course cats have a Lord and his full title is Ham the Delicious One.

  10. Jane Says:

    “…drawn together on a quest whether they like it or not…”
    Has anyone figured out the subject of this sentence? Is it the eponymous ronin cats? Is it the clueless swordsman (who is wearing his sword on the wrong side unless he happens to be left-handed) and the blue lizard-thing? Is it Will Shetterly and the title?

  11. Smith Says:

    Doesn’t the dragon’s left “paw” look awfully arthritic?

    And what’s up with the swordsman’s left leg? It’s like his knee has been replaced with plasticene.

  12. futurescientist Says:

    I’m usually pretty lukewarm on typography issues, but JESUS CHRIST. It’s like viewing the title in a funhouse mirror.

  13. Phil Says:

    futurescientist is right: it’s normal C, italicised ATS, normal H, italicised AVE… How tedious for the typographer.

  14. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “Brother, can you spare a coin…?”

  15. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Darned Godless Commie cats…

  16. Dalton H. Says:

    The Pirate Dentist on his monthly check-up on Smaug.

  17. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    “Here kitty, kitty, kitty….”

    As soon as the dragon comes close enough, that guy is gonna womp it on the head with his stick sword….poor dragon. It makes me sad to see dragons being confused for cats…unless, of course, that is indeed a cat in disguise and the guy knows something we don’t….

  18. arch9enius Says:

    Don’t feel sorry for the Dragon… feel sorry for Geezer Numpty Bollocks when he finds out he should have stabbed instead of womped.

  19. ejl Says:

    The scary part is that the character in the awkward pose otherwise matches his description from the book spot-on (yes, he *is* a lefty, blonde, one-eyed, and mustached) and there really was a dragon involved. The artist gets +1 for getting those details right, -1 for apparently not having bothered to try arranging his own arms that way to find out if the pose would work.

  20. fish Says:

    What I want to know is WHAT ON EARTH the cover illustration has to do with the title… Are there cats in the book? Do they look like dragons on that planet? So many questions…

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