Nov 01

Gwad.. that cyborg looks so bad. Put some lipstick on it.Click for full image

John A H Comments: The future belongs to the designer egg timer people.
Published 1979

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35 Responses to “Consider Her Ways and Others”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    “Hello, I am Eva.” “And I am Adele.” (Obscure Eurotrash reference).

  2. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Travel to the future year 1982, when Art Deco-Droids rule the Earth!

  3. Alessandra Says:

    “The rotating restaurant waitress has no nose.”

    “How does she smell?”


  4. SI Says:

    I have to admit I really do love the Penguin covers. I would take this on a bus with pride!

    ANd I’m going to try and make me a set of those sunglasses!

  5. Tom Noir Says:

    After seeing this cover, I am definitely considering OTHER ways.

  6. fred Says:

    What does she look like without the airbrushing?

  7. Phil Says:

    Wasn’t this a Grace Jones video?

    Much as I like her egg-timer noggin, it’s her volume-control peepers that make this cover. I bet they go up to 11.

  8. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Wow, Rosy from the Jetsons has really lost a lot of weight!

  9. Phil Says:

    She also has a touch of the Prof Farnsworth about her.

  10. Alessandra Says:

    I rather like this one, actually. It was painted with skill with references to Art Deco and ’50s diner décor, and a nod to ’30s-era houses of the future. It’s got an early-80s Devo vibe, and really is not all that bad looking.

    Even if the woman has no nose.

  11. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    I like the star field background. It looks so tranquil–

    Wait. Why is the rotating restaurant farting out of both ends?

  12. Tim Says:

    Anyone else notice her head above the shades is a different color than below the shades? Her nose matches the top, maybe it’s one of those Groucho nose & glasses (and skull cap) things….

  13. Alessandra Says:

    It’s also wider than her face on the left. It’s clearly some sort of hat.

  14. Adam Roberts Says:

    Half robot. Half baseball. All woman!

  15. Perry Armstrong Says:

    Fun fact (not a joke): ‘Consider Her Ways’ was adapted as an episode of ‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’ (1964), which I discovered quite by chance some five years ago on late night TV. Nestled amongst the usual Hitchcockian tales of murder & mystery, this feels like a seemingly misplaced ‘Twilight Zone’ episode. It’s very odd, quite surreal, and well worth tracking down.

  16. anon Says:

    Like putting lipstick on an egg.

    No Racy Headdress is Her Wont

  17. B. Chiclitz Says:

    And, ladies and gentlemen, this skull cap is soooo versatile! Heavy windstorm causing household damage? No problem! The skull cap doubles as a spare roof!! Operators are standing by. Call before midnight so you don’t forget!

  18. R J Dent Says:

    This is one of Peter Lord’s iconic covers for the entire oeuvre of John Wyndham. This book, with this cover, is eminently collectible. If you find it in a second-hand bookshop, get it – it’s exceedingly rare and is worth about £200 on the current Wyndham market.

  19. Tom Noir Says:

    Not bad for a book with an art-deco condom on the cover!

  20. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @admin: corner the Wyndham market! You’ll be making BUCKETS of money, and you won’t need to rely on Chinese GSS for financial support. 🙂

  21. Ray P Says:

    Grade I egg-head.

  22. Tag Wizard Says:

    Hey Gang! Want to buy a lottery ticket? Seems all Penguin editions of this book for over a decade with many different covers have the same ISBN: 0-14-002231-7. Buy them all! You might get lucky.

    Seems we need a new tag for covers that are terrible and worth big bucks. I was thinking of “worth a small fortune” but I’m sure you can do better.

  23. Chinese GSS Says:

    Need to reinvest. Chinese Stock Market is collapsing. Was going to buy Vietnamese dongs but this Wyndham Market sounds intriguing. Tell me more.

  24. Tat Wood Says:

    @Tag Wizard: ‘Ker-CHING!” perhaps?

  25. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @TW: ‘priceless’. 😉

  26. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @TW—second that, but I fear it will be a little used tag. @Chinese GSS—all in all, I say go with the dongs.

  27. anon Says:

    @DSWBT#10: It’s rotating in order to spread it around.

    Say, consider her other wands

  28. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Featuring the story “Consider Her Ways And Others”…

  29. Tat Wood Says:

    That’s Arnos Grove tube station, isn’t it? Or maybe Southgate. Possibly Chiswick Park. Somewhere on the Piccadilly line in Zone 4, anyway.

  30. FluffyGhostKitten Says:

    @Tat Wood: I think it looks more like an Illinois Tollway Oasis, but those are usually on overpasses. No sign of a road here, but maybe her neck’s in the way.

  31. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Dr. Frankenstein: “It was a rush job, OK? She was missing the top half of her head and I had to make do with what was on hand, which included my old radio.”

  32. Tor Mented Says:

    “I Have No Nose and I Must Smell.”

    Yep, you sure do.

  33. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @FGK: Ooo-eee, you got some fancy rest stops there in Illinois. Bet the buildings don’t fart, either.

    It is definitely some sort of mass transit pavilion, we’re agreed.

  34. FluffyGhostKitten Says:

    @GSS E-N: Agreed. And they’re not THAT fancy.

  35. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Tat: My vote is that it’s definitely Southgate. Maybe the artist lived out there and saw it every day on his commute.

    @FGK: well, the ones in California are very utilitarian brick and concrete structures with restrooms, picnic benches, and sometimes vending machines, or if you’re really lucky, a food truck. Clean, though.

    The market has stepped in to provide, of course — the private truck stops are small malls with convenience stores, fast food, sit-down restaurants, and showers. I recall seeing a few honest to gosh 8-track tapes still for sale in the late 80s! Both kinds of music — country AND Western.

    (California is 770 miles long and largely rural. That’s a lot of rest stops needed.)

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