Dec 11

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man-KzinClick for larger image

Good Show Sir Comments: Breaking News from Baen Books! Our esteemed colleagues at Baen have released an Advanced e-Reader’s Copy of the latest installment in the wildly popular Man-Kzin Wars series and we’d like to be one of the first to give them all the free publicity they can stand.

Lately we have been made to realize that some of us at Good Show Sir have been a bit harsh on the Baen enterprise (looking at you, ex-Noob 😄 ). Some Baen honchos believe we go too far in featuring so many splendid and, I must admit, VERY COMPETENT WORKS OF ART done by their artist minions on a weblog with the temerity to feature the byline “Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers”. C’mon guys, you know that by “terrible” we mean “awesome”. Get on fleek with how the kids are slangin’ these days.

We give a tip-of-the-bowler-hat to today’s featured cover artist Steve Hickman. What can we say but IT IS GOOD ART. Not some Unknown Artist Institute™ knock-off. In fact, one might expect to see this hanging in some tony Soho art gallery, except that, you know, it’s a cat-person portrait and all that. But the talent is there for all to see. He looks so real you can almost smell him!

So anyway people, check out Man-Kzin Wars XV! That’s number XV! If they are numbering them like Super Bowls you know they got to be good. Buy more Baen Books! Our future here at GSS depends on far-sighted publishers like Baen keepin’ the faith.

–GSS Admin

[P.S. to our friends at Baen. Don’t feel that sending us free swag like new books and single-malt whiskey is a violation of our Code of Ethics!]


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