May 20

What is it with women flying around on objects in the midst of pleasure?Click for full image

Bookworm Bas Comments: A 1978 PAN edition. I like the play on words with the title submitting ‘sex’ for ‘things’ in reference to H.G.Wells. I also like the artwork. After all who doesn’t like naked women? No relation to any of the stories of course. At least I don’t recall any flying platform jetting away from a mountain range while a nude women, her decency protected only by her exceptionally long brunette hair, is overcome with emotion. Still I bet they sold a few and I reckon the hair extensions were painted in later (which is a shame I think).

Not bad short stories Anne McCaffrey and Hilary Bailey in there as well to represent women. But also John Sladek, A.K.Jorgensson, Thomas Disch and Douglas Hill in addition to those on the front cover.
Epic! Thanks to Bookworm Bas!
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