Nov 14

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Roger Comments: Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!
Published 1978

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24 Responses to “The Black Moon”

  1. A.R.Yngve Says:

    A hilarious mix-up at the printer’s office caused this image to end up on the book over… while Motörhead’s latest album release THE BLACK MOON had a cover picture of a skinny, peaceful alien greeting an astronaut.

  2. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘It is cold, Fritz!’

    ‘Ja, Rosie! Und I am tired.’

    ‘Ja. I hope this war will be over soon.’

    ‘Ja…Gott in Himmel, how I long to be in my Gretchen’s arms, and see our little baby again!’

    ‘How I miss my Mütti’s home-cooked schnitzel on a night like tonight!’

    ‘But, I think we are the lucky ones, Rosie.’


    ‘Were we not conscripted to guard this abandoned tunnel far, far from the front lines?’

    ‘This is true! So what of it if we have no armour and only one gun between the two of us?’

    ‘What chance do you suppose there is of a huge Amerikaner war machine with a Gatling gun and claw hand catching us by surprise?’

    ‘Ho, ho, ho! Is good joke, Fritz!’

    ‘Ah, how good it is to laugh even in times like these…’

  3. DaveM Says:

    Is she part tree or something? Because otherwise I can’t make any sense of her left arm..

  4. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Sorry Mr. Claw Hand, you can’t come down this tunnel unless you are wearing a thong. Check ours out! Where do you think the title “Black Moon” comes from anyway?

  5. Ray P Says:

    She has sensible feet at least. Impressive smoke-ring gun. Has the pincer-arm got its own eye?

  6. Bibliomancer Says:

    Are they shooting Super Soakers™?

  7. THX 1138 Says:

    The latest volume in Now That’s What I Call Easily Distracted.

  8. Anna T. Says:

    The young lady with strange mechanical arms seems to want to play cowboy with the automaton/man in power armour/attacker. Her rubber-spined male associate is clearly more on the ball – so what exactly are they doing?

  9. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    At Planetarium 7, interrupting the Trip to the Stars show is punishable by death!

  10. fred Says:

    ‘He did it! He missed the barn!’

  11. Tat Wood Says:

    With everything here sketched in silvery-blue, I can’t tell the ethnicity of the people mooning us but their hair looks pretty honky.

  12. B. Chiclitz Says:

    I see two black moons arising
    I see them glutes right in my face
    I see a robot full of lightnin’
    How did I end up in outer space?

    Don’t read bad sci-fi
    Well it’s bound to make you blind
    There’s two black moons on the rise🎶🎶

  13. Bibliomancer Says:

    @B. Chiclitz 🙂

  14. Ray P Says:

    Concept art for an unfilmed Kate Bush video.

  15. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @RayP: Bush? More like Keith Moon. 😉

  16. Ray P Says:

    The cat-borg with the girl in his eye.

  17. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    The more I look at those feet, the more I’m convinced that this fellow and Mr. Poot are close relatives.

  18. MisterBob Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is an album Brian Pern !
    otherwise known as ” that will be an ecumenical matter ” .

  19. Bibliomancer Says:

    “The Black Moon” by It’s’all Done

  20. Francis Boyle Says:

    The safety checks on the robot/cyborg/whatever’s wrist are a nice touch. Wouldn’t want to not see that claw coming.

  21. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Wait…is this supposed to be a timely Supermoon reference?

  22. HappyBookworm Says:

    TERRIBLE aim people! I can’t believe you made it to level 7 already (to go by the giant number on the floor.)

    Or we can just say it’s all a music video. No explanation needed for anything, in that case.

  23. Bruce A Munro Says:

    “I don’t care how ‘hot’ and ‘hard’ and ‘throbbing’ it is: stop trying to pleasure yourself with my gun-arm while I’m fighting!”

  24. FearöfMusic Says:

    That robot has no ankles. Thus once again proving that a robot with a big cannon does not have to be a good dancer to get the ladies

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