Jan 28

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Tom Noir Comments: Not sure what is going on here but at least it seems like it… feels good?

Published 1982

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14 Responses to “The Mind Master”

  1. THX 1139 Says:

    From the makers of the Thigh-Master!

  2. Bruce A Munro Says:

    OK, the 1980s computer wiring coming out of his head makes sense if he’s in some sort of Matrix-type virtual reality, but those tubes going into his torso just seem to go in and out without connecting to anything. Does he need a cooling system?

  3. fred Says:

    Neo was easier to unplug. Looks like he’ll have to Freddy Krueger the powers that be.

  4. B. Chiclitz Says:

    It’s really useful that this cover tells you what to say to your friend Tim if he is thinking of actually reading the book: “Tim, escape!”

  5. JuanPaul Says:

    I want this rig so I can eat whatever I want and just pump it to my backpack as it hits my stomach.

  6. Tat Wood Says:

    That’s an extreme Medicine Shirt.

  7. Tracy Says:

    I’m getting a Khan vibe from the sleeping guy.

  8. Bibliomancer Says:

    In the future, piercings just get ridiculous.

  9. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Is that a really big disk drive on his back? Or perhaps it’s the 40 gallon version of the Beer Hat.

  10. GSS ex-noob Says:

    It says “world of illusions” so I’m thinking it is a Matrix deal… but why THREE giant tubes going THROUGH his abdomen? Why are the wires also going through his skin to his pecs?

    Terrifying tale of the future, or current fetish bodymod?

  11. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Spot on with the “Weird Pecs” tag. Weirder every time I look at them, which I will now stop doing.

  12. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    I think someone put a do-not-park-wheel-clamp on him, as a gag, while he’s asleep.

  13. A.R.Yngve Says:

    One future day, Jeff Bezos is going to look exactly like this.

  14. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @ARY: Nah, this dude’s pretty buff, which I don’t think Bezos is. This is maybe someone he’s shanghaied into testing out the new VR life-support before he plugs in. This guy’s getting minimum wage and no benefits to do it, of course — but his original job got outsourced to smiling humanoid exploding robots. Ker-blam.

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