Sep 09

Bed, Bath and Beyond ArkhamClick for larger image

B. Chiclitz comments: Believing that he is featured prominently on the cover, Bokrug demands a copy of the new VOLUME that came to Sarnath!

Published 2019

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14 Responses to “The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft”

  1. THX 1139 Says:

    It was just the skeleton staff who designed this one. Sorry.

  2. fred Says:

    The Dead Litter Box of Charles Dexter Ward.

  3. Francis Boyle Says:

    I quite like the image but I suspect that Lovecraft himself would be annoyed to discover that the hideous indescribable loathsome gibbering foetid squamous nameless eldritch obscenities he wrote about were really just a semi-random collection of small to medium sized mammals.

  4. drlemaster Says:

    I’m just impressed they didn’t put skeleton ears on the skeleton cats like most Halloween decorations.

    And glad to see we are still Stanning Bokrug the detestable-yet-chill water lizard.

  5. Bibliomancer Says:

    Beyond Arkham. Harcum, Parkem and Farkem.

  6. fred Says:

    Well that settles any debate on this cover. 9:57.

  7. JuanPaul Says:

    Breeders have gone too far with this hypoallergenic cat.

  8. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @fred—if this is the most beautiful book he owns, I’m trying to imagine the rest of his library.

  9. Raoul Says:

    @fred – Now let’s debate “people who shelve their books by color.”

  10. Bibliomancer Says:

    @B. Chiclitz – He must be a proud owner of the 2,000 volume “The Complete Good Show Sir Library”.

  11. Tor Mented Says:

    Lovecraft loved cats.
    In fact, he picked some of them clean.

  12. THX 1139 Says:

    Isn’t Lovecats a song by The Cure?

  13. Bruce A Munro Says:

    “it’s _rats_ in the walls, not cats! Rats!”

  14. GSS ex-noob Says:

    Since dead cats were very much a no-no to Lovecraft (one of his few good personality traits was that he loved them), and live cats are treated very favorably in his work, I’m baffled by this cover.

    Bring back Bokrug, I say!

    @BC/Raoul/B’man: And he shelves them all face-out for true eldritch horror. Organized by color.

    @Tag: psst, you’ve misspelled the editor’s surname. He deserves much respect for taking on the Conan Doyle estate and prying Sherlock Holmes out of copyright in the US.

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