Nov 19

The Secret of Ziti is don't wear the colander on your headClick for larger image

Mister Peabody Comments: Wait! I thought I was signing up for Planet Fitness. I want my money back!

Published 1961

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18 Responses to “The Secret of Zi”

  1. THX 1139 Says:

    This is what happens when you forget your safe word.

  2. Bruce A Munro Says:

    The circle with the Z in back makes me imagine this as a Wizard of Oz spinoff. Didn’t Baum have several 2 letter countries? Mo and Ix I recall.

  3. THX 1139 Says:

    Sorry to interrupt, but Alan Dean Foster needs support:

    Surely everyone here has read one of his books, even a novelisation? Well, Disney now own his Star Wars and Alien books, and are refusing to pay him (the substantial) royalties. It’s pretty outrageous. He’s not a rich man, and needs funds for healthcare. Hope it works out for him.

  4. Tat Wood Says:

    ‘No, I’ll never recant my Pastafarian faith!’

  5. Max Bathroom Says:

    When the Fashion Police decide that yellow shirts are not acceptable…

  6. fred Says:

    ‘Space Nazis Need Tailors’ should be the title..

  7. Ryan Says:

    Space Mohawk Nazi Torturer Dude seems pretty bored by it all.

  8. Francis Boyle Says:

    Three horizontal stripes has got to be the laziest not-swastika ever conceived. “Help, I’m being oppressed by the pop-up menu icon”.

  9. Bruce A Munro Says:

    “On this planet we don’t take kindly to referees who make bonehead calls.”

  10. Adzel Says:

    @THX 1139…Thank you for posting these. I will try to spread the word.

    Always enjoyed his work. I really appreciate the mix of humor and poignancy in the note he sent. Given the situation that was classy. The press conference was also interesting and I thought all the participants did a good job of presenting the case.

    Thanks again.

  11. THX 1139 Says:

    @Adzel: Don’t mention it! He is a fine writer, and I’ll always be grateful to him for novelising The Black Hole when I was little so I could understand the ending (a Disney movie, let’s not forget).

  12. B. Chiclitz Says:

    “Why, why are you torturing me?”

    “Because, as I’ve tried to tell you repeatedly, the stripes are supposed to be horizontal, not vertical. You will feel the sting of the electric colander until you stop these acts of fashion terrorism!”

  13. GSS ex-noob Says:

    The Secret of ZI is that you meant to have your fingers over one key and you were trying to type XO. No kisses and hugs visible here though.

    Why does the man in the torture machine have more yellow and black stripes than the uniformed (presumably) bad guy?

    @Tat (4): @Bruce (9): GSS!

    @Tat: I’ve always enjoyed his novelizations and original work, and he seems like a nice man. So it’s doubly or triply awful he’s being treated this way.

    If this isn’t a textbook case of unfettered capitalism crushing the average man, what is? The ghosts of Marx and Engels are yelling “Wir haben es dir gesagt!” (und “Was ist ein Hashtag?”)


  14. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Disney’s name is legion.

    (For the archive-minded, track down Wally Wood’s 1967 poster “The Disneyland Memorial Orgy” published by Paul Krassner’s Realist magazine.)

  15. Tracy Says:

    This is what an advanced potty training lesson looks like.

  16. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @Tracy: If he still hasn’t learned at his age, clearly extreme methods are required.

  17. 1Thunderfire Says:

    I’ll give him his due: questionable shirt man looks appropriately terrified. It’s just another day at work for Space Nazi though.

  18. A. R. Yngve Says:

    The early adopters of the Metaverse were never seen or heard of again.

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