Jan 27

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We’ll have a dragon sweeping into a castle wall, a ninja on its back. And we’ll have the dragon actually killing someone with it’s, ummmm, magic breath. That’s right, just magic. Possibly electricity. I don’t know what dragons actually breathed, I haven’t got to that part in my dragonology night course yet.

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26 Responses to “Hell Hath no Fury”

  1. Adam Roberts Says:

    Whatever happened to “hath” anyway? “Hath” is great. I vote we bring back “hath” into everyday conversation, starting right away.

  2. Adam Roberts Says:

    That book hath a terrible cover.


  3. CSA Says:

    Ah, good ole Weber and his huge orange fonts, havent seen a Weber here in too long.

    “Don’t tase me bro, don’t tase me”

    My eyes hath bled

  4. Simon Says:

    Clearly of the ‘none more so’ school of cover design.

  5. SI Says:

    ‘My rib cage hath melted.’

    I do enjoy also that JustinLeego obviously considered the art too much for ones eyes, so he gave it the 45 degree tilt for the picture.

    Hath you enough vegetables? I can see it working in an everyday context!

    Today is going to be a good day!

  6. CSA Says:

    “I’m afraid, Mr Smith, you hath herpies”
    “Mrs Smith hath a gun, im dead”
    we need to register www. bringbackhath. com … ot not…

    btw this book is technically free online… Free Library there are tonnes of Baen books available there.

    It seems strange that its been described as Military SF, as opposed to fantasy

  7. James Lovegrove Says:

    Not just military SF but *exciting* military SF. As opposed to, you know, the other kind of military SF. The one where brigadiers sit around in a futuristic old people’s home swilling brandy and discussing their favourite campaigns.

  8. Simon Says:

    Smelling faintly of cyberwee.

  9. CSA Says:

    Making massively racist comments while the young nurse tells them the war’s been over for decades.

  10. James Lovegrove Says:

    Then not recognising their own children when they come to visit. On jetpacks. From Venus.

  11. SI Says:

    Remembering the old days when wars were fought with remotely controlled androids instead of the current clone soldiers.

  12. Reader Says:

    As someone who has read this book, I have to complain, as the scene on the cover… actually happens in the book. And yes, the dragon is shooting lightning, and no, the person on it’s back is not a ninja, but it’s rider/gunner (the dragons in the book cannot use their breath weapons without a human aiding it). The castle, however, is a castle/stone-built fortress. But, as the people who built it are at a WWI level of technology, and turreted walled forts were used up until WWI, we assume that it is built with ferroconcrete.

  13. SI Says:

    Haha. Yea I do get the impression that some of the Baen writers do get to work quite closely with the artists. Pity it doesn’t seem to happy with too many out there.

    I quite liked the idea of the rider being a ninja. And dragons in fantasy books have shot everything from their mouths at one stage. But dragons shooting electricity, hmmm, interesting and possibly renewable source of energy!

  14. Maureen Says:

    Electric blast dragons are old, old, old — very big in the seventies and eighties. I suppose they’re always new to someone….

  15. Ralf Says:

    This cover art is completely ridiculous.

    Black dragons are supposed to breathe a line of acid. BLUE dragons breath lightning. Jeez!

  16. Bookworm Bas Says:

    Lol : ) Good call Ralf.

  17. Mark V Thomas Says:

    Re:Reader’s comment
    Given WWI equivalent era technology, you would expect some form of “Anti-dragon” countermeasures, though for example, lightning conductors, connected to earth at regular intervals, along the parapet, to dissipate electrical breath weapons, is clearly beyond the designer’s comprehension…
    Needless to say, multiple belt fed machine guns, on high angle mounts are right out…

  18. SI Says:

    Electricity dragons… I wonder how many Watts one of those bad boy outputs!

  19. David Cowie Says:
    Electric eel weighs up to 20kg and generates 500W shocks (500 volts at 1 amp).
    If electric dragon weighs one tonne, that suggests 25kW per zap. Painful.

  20. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Wow, Linda Evans co-wrote this book? That explains the many references to DYNASTY…

  21. anon Says:

    “Is this where the costume party is? We brought streamers!”

  22. GSS noob Says:

    Hell hath no fury.
    Baen hath no shame.

  23. Tat Wood Says:

    This is supposed to be what ‘a woman scorned’ is like? Or is it that this is the best that Hell hath to offer and isn’t remotely like it?

    And is ‘…exciting military SF’ the best pull-quote they had? It’s Baen, that’s like saying ‘contains many…. pages…with words’.

  24. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @Tat Wood: maybe that’s a woman scorned riding the dragon?

  25. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Tat: mayhap Hell hath gone down in ferocity?

    I didn’t even notice the pull-quote. Maybe those 3 words were all they could find that were good. “Exciting military SF… is presumably what this book was trying to be, but it falls short on all counts.”

  26. Tor Mented Says:

    Anne Hathaway with acting.

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