Feb 19

Tom Swift IS the DNA disaster.

Emster Comments: His blaster gun looked similar to Jimmy’s toy web gun, which meant little Jimmy was back home terrorizing the neighbors and Tom was about to be painfully dispatched.

Published 1991

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10 Responses to “The DNA Disaster”

  1. Bruce A Munro Says:

    Poor Tom Swift. He used to be building outposts in space and occasionally almost destroying the planet—height_450.jpg?v=1542763113 , now he’s stuck in a discarded Goosebumps cover and cleaning up genetic failures with a lame-ass web gun.

  2. fred Says:

    If only Tom had seen ‘Weird Science’ then the cover might be straying into Boris Vallejo territory.

    Mess with the laws of evolution, Tom – and you just might risk devirginization!

  3. Bibliomancer Says:

    “DNA stands for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid,” said Tom initially.

  4. Raoul Says:

    “No, I’m not related to Taylor,” said Tom swiftly.

  5. Rick Deckard Says:

    “It’s all due to heredity,” said Tom genially.

  6. fred Says:

    Back cover explains how Tom got into this dire predicament.

  7. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @fred: “I probably shouldn’t keep black holes around the house,” Tom muttered darkly.

  8. Tor Mented Says:

    Tom has been contributing to the delinquency of a mynah.

  9. Leak Says:

    Tom Scott, the early years…

  10. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Emster: GSS for the comment! Can’t wait to see the cover of little Jimmy’s book.

    Isn’t the critter’s head going to be clear of the web and thus still be able to bite Tom? And what of the giant insects? Of course it’s hard to tell since Tom and the web seem to be impinging on our plane of existence from a different one. At the least he’s standing in a very awkward position, plus he should have fired earlier.

    Indeed, quite a let-down from his earlier adventures, as @Bruce pointed out. Not even a flying atomic car taking on desert Cossacks.

    @Tor, @Bruce: GSS! for the on-point comments.

    GSS for all the Swiftie jokes, she said belatedly.

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