Apr 21

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Let me paint a picture for YOU my friend. Image the world but not as we know it… where man evolved from… CATS!!! No not the musical! Ah forget it just put a couple of ridiculous cat men with spears on the cover with a huge werewolf thing in the background ready to pounce.

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26 Responses to “Darkness and Dawn”

  1. csa Says:

    “It’s a romping stomping roller coaster of a ride” – says Paul Ross
    … Except that quote is sadly unrelated to the kickass cat book…

    I wonder if its actually important to the plot that they’re all cats, or is the author aiming for a niche fetish market? or maybe be just came up with that awesome cover and decided to write a novel about it. we’ll never know…

  2. SI Says:

    Haha just read the synopsis of this one… post apocalyptic world! Nice!

    Funnier thing was I checked out a few more of his covers and I believe I have 3 more books of his in the queue! 😉

  3. JustinLeego Says:

    Editor’s office:
    Guys, guys, the latest Norton hasn’t gone off to press yet has it? Good, good – now I need you to hit Ctrl+H, find and replace all occurences of the word “man” with the word “cat”. I know this great illustrator who’ll do the cover, but the thing is he only does cats. Cats and evil baboons.

  4. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I knew that Baen Books appeals to the “military SF” crowd… but there’s also a Furry readership it seems to be reaching out to.

    Which begs the question: How large is the overlap between these reader groups? (Are there “Furry War SF” conventions we haven’t been told about?)

  5. Jami Says:

    That looks more like a dinosaur to me rather than a werewolf. Sure, it’s furry, but the face looks like a t-rex. A weresaur, maybe?

  6. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘I say, Mr. Jones…I say, what if we were to spear an animal with our shillelaghs here, and we were to cut up its flesh, and grind it, and to cook it until it was medium well-done?’

    ‘Hm, quite. But it’s lacking a certain…oh, I don’t know. Some cereal-based shim to facilitate its consumption.’

    ‘Suppose, then, we were to place the meat between two lightly toasted pieces of bread? With some sesame seeds or some such, for texture?’

    ‘I think you’ve got a grand idea there, Mr. Bones. Add some processed milk protein, and I would join you for one.’

  7. Tat Wood Says:

    People… you know Andre’s a girl, dontcha?

  8. FearofMüsic Says:

    And mere moments later there were two dopey looking, tiny handed,dead cats.

  9. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Once again, we have a serious forearm issue . . .

  10. RachelJ Says:

    Once again, we have a serious false advertising issue. Alas, poor furries! The book is *not* about cat-people!

    Or perhaps I should say “the books”- actually two post-apocalyptic novellas first published in the 50s and 70s respectively, and which may or may not be part of the same continuity- hard to tell, as they’re both rather generic. Oddly, the first has no ending- it just breaks off abruptly in the middle of an action scene.

  11. David Cowie Says:

    Yet more blue-and-orangeness.
    In the title, note how DARKNESS has an orange outline, and Siamese Cat cat person has a minor orange tint to one side of his fur (may vary, depending on monitor settings), and has a blue shadow on the other side.
    [looks at picture again]
    On second thoughts, it’s not a shadow, it’s a blue light. How many suns has this planet got?

  12. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @David Cowie 11: Well, if we apply Bibliomancer’s Conjecture (or is it a Postulate?), whenever the number of suns is not specified, and highlights on the cover indicate multiple light sources, the answer is five. I’d go with that.

  13. Jaouad Says:

    But be aware that any shadows on the cover may also be the result of a TING! thrown by an approving shuriken somewhere out of frame.

  14. The Tag Wizard Says:

    Most of us do, yes. Most, but not all 😉

  15. AnnaT Says:

    The evil sorcerer’s experiments with replacing the heads of human beings with oversized cat heads had succeeded, and now it was time to release them into the world, to battle his other creations, the incredibly ugly demons with tentacles for hands and feet. . .

    Anything could happen.

  16. GSS noob Says:

    @DSWBT (6): yes, indeed.

    Ms. Norton wrote a lot of cat-people, but I don’t think this book contains any of them.

    @ARY (4): From what little I know of both (going to conventions), furries are generally pretty pacifist, or at least don’t fetishize modern hi-tech war unless it’s being fought by animal people. And the BAEN! war-bots think furries are, erm, alternate word for a bunch of small sticks. I don’t think there’s much overlap.

    Furries throw nice parties with fancy sweet drinks and wear imaginative cute fuzzy outfits in bright colors, give hugs to all, and are polite and kind to children. The only noisy thing is when they put on the rave music (They do NOT yiff in public).

    Mil-SF boys stomp around with scarily realistic weapons, in camo or black, frowning, yelling, being derisive of others, and wanting to build walls, register people, and make the Hugos America right-wing great again.

    You can guess whose parties are more fun. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I know which group I’d let them associate with at cons.

  17. fred Says:

    Prehensile tail cat people. Just a suggestion for future masters.

  18. drlemaser Says:

    I don’t normally rif on 12-year-old comments, but @A. R. Yngve’s comment has me wondering if they are Kzin cosplayers out there somewhere.

  19. Francis Boyle Says:

    Ah, the far off innocent days of 2009 when Cats was just a musical. At least this cover doesn’t have a “butthole cut” (I hope).

  20. GSS ex-noob Says:

    Let’s face it, all we regulars knew the publisher instantly. We’re all-too-familiar with BAEN!somuchorange over the years.

    People who were expecting some of Norton’s books with actual cat people must have been very disappointed by this volume. There’s a big cat in one of them, but he walks on all fours and doesn’t use weapons. The other has a giant mutant coyote, but he’s just a big doggo and not evil.

  21. Bruce A Munro Says:

    The new “Cats & Dogs” movie is a lot more Grimdark.

  22. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Sad to see there’s been no improvement in that poor deformed forearm over the past twelve years.

  23. THX 1139 Says:

    Disney’s reboot of The Aristocats goes off the rails.

  24. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @B. Chiclitz: maybe it’s not so much the arm being stunted as the head being grotesquely oversized?

  25. Tor Mented Says:

    The dino-werewolf found that cat people were easy prey if he first distracted them with a laser pointer.

  26. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @BruceAM—Could be that, or perhaps the strange disproportion between head and neck? However it is, easy prey for a laserpointer-wielding dino-werewolf-baboon.

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