Apr 23

Aww his is bigger... Well jokes on you, I filled your tankard with my excrement.Click for full image

So I was like playing this game…for my computer…. and then role-playing it later…. and like all we did was like, totally drink beer and fight elves. I’d like some huge tankards and fringes please!

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15 Responses to “Fools Pub”

  1. SI Says:

    Just love the guy on the left… his hair is amazing……

  2. CSA Says:

    “First novel by 14-year-old publishing sensation”

    Artist: hehe im gonna make his cover so awful nobody will buy his book. it’s gonna look really 2D and lifeless and the people on the cover will all have mullets… even the manish looking chick

    evidence: only one book on, no wikipedia entry, google search “ned resnikoff” returns only 6,190 hits. Next stop Obscurityville, population…you

  3. RML Says:

    Arrrghhhh ! Why is the guy (or is it a “butch” chick) on the right wearing a Dalek costume without the helmet.

  4. Susano Says:

    This cover has to be 20 years old. You might recognize it as “Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn,” a collection of Thieves’ World novels released by the Science Fiction Book Club back in the day (like 1985? 86?). Way to recycle the artwork there guys.

  5. admin's vassal Says:

    Hi Susano and welcome to the site! Great memory, you’ve pretty much got it in one there. It certainly is a re-used cover – why, just whyyyyy? Thanks for the heads-up. Tags now updated!

    Quest announcement: Title, author and publication of the book. A virtual Level 8 Chicken Of The Infinite goes to whoever gets the goods first.

  6. JustinLeego Says:

    No way! So maybe the story behind the Fool’s Tavern cover is more like “Hey, cool idea: use a cover from before the kid was born. He’ll never know! Copies shifted, money saved, job done. Golf course?” 😉

  7. Rie Sheridan Rose Says:

    I came to say exactly what Susano said. The minute I saw it I had to go search for the “Vulgar Unicorn” cover to show my husband. I have a copy of that one. Not sure I’d want a copy of this one…lol.

    Great list. We had fun going through them all.

  8. His Irateness Says:

    I think this was on the cover of a D&D game I saw in a bargain bin at CompuSmart in, say, 1991.

    I can only imagine these are actually the publishers clinking mugs for how quickly they shoved this out the door.

  9. DaveM Says:

    The original use of this wonderfully generic cover was indeed for “Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn; Shadows of Sanctuary”. A collection of thieves world stories published in July 1982.

    Found it here:

  10. Tat Wood Says:

    @RML: It’s actually an Ice Warrior wearing a rubber John-Taylor-From-Duran-Duran mask. He’d feel uncomfortable supping ale with William Hurt and Rick Parfitt otherwise.

  11. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I feel sorry for the young author. ‘Cos he got a raw deal here — like being a child actor. What happened when he grew up?
    “The fifth novel by the now 24-year-old former teen publishing sensation!”
    Never, NEVER sell an author with an age argument. There’s no future in that.

  12. rev Says:

    A publishing sensation eh? What else did he publish? He sure as hell didn’t write anything else.

  13. Tat Wood Says:

    @rev: that isn’t necessarily a bar to being published Morgan honestly thought nobody in the UK poetry circles would read ‘Strange Horizons’.

  14. GSS noob Says:

    I knew that cover looked familiar, and not by a 14 year old. Explains the tankards, unicorn (not accurately depicted; there’s a reason “vulgar” is in the title), and indeterminate gender. Yay SFBC.

  15. JJyoyo Says:

    Wait, isn’t the 14 year old publishing sensation too young to know about what goes on inside a tavern? I guess the landlord is a fool to play fast and loose with his license….

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