Apr 08

I'm sure this happened in Star Wars... ah well we have a mancat this time!Click for full image

Ian Comments: A cat with no claws, and a rather strange window (French doors?) looking out to space. The descriptions seems to have to many plurals. Title font is awesome, nothing says the far future like Computer typeface.
Published 1995

Ending the week with more Cats!

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26 Responses to “Fortune’s Wheel”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    The damsel looks worried: “Damn, he’s spotted my knitting! I’ll never get that ball of wool back!”

  2. Adam Roberts Says:

    ‘”Spaceships, they’re poison,” he said, placing a suspiciously friendly hand upon her shoulder …’

  3. Adam Roberts Says:

    Actually, on reflection, my reference may be too obscure, there.

  4. SI Says:

    “Well… once we’re caught up in the wake of those engines we’re done for. Ah well, hug?”

    Adam> It rings a bell in a dark corner of my mind… but yea, too obscure 😛

  5. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “Tonight, five lucky contestants stand to win a spaceship, a damsel or a cat-man in… FORTUNE’S WHEEL!”
    [cue music]

  6. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Choose Your Blurb:

    A) “They’d formed a linking of minds and souls, but would this bring their peoples together or spark an explosion that destroyed all hope of alliance?”

    B) “They’d formed a linking of beads and stones at bargain-basement cost, but would this necklace bring their peoples a Renaissance Fair or spark a price war that destroyed all hope of merriment?”

    C) “They’d formed a linking of hands and bodies, but would this bring their libidos together or spark a nipple burn that destroyed all hope of satisfaction?”

    D) “They’d formed a linking of websites and domain names, but would this bring their visitor counts together or spark a Denial-of-Service attack that destroyed all hope of investors?”

    E) “They’d formed a linking of spoons and forks, but would this bring their eating utensils together or spork an explosion that destroyed all hope of dinner?”

  7. Evad Says:

    Nice Man-Cat guides blind girl through ship.

    [I dig the image on the binder shown to the right]

  8. Dalton H. Says:

    Fourtune! Get back to the wheel! Were about to hit that cat-human couple!

  9. Bibliotropic Says:

    Everyone loves a good cat-man-in-space story, right?

  10. MisterBOB Says:

    Perhaps Lisanne is the daughter of John and the planet below is GOR ?

  11. fred Says:

    Hmmm…Catman…fur…static electricity…spark…BOOM. I’m guessing no alliance.

  12. Phil Says:

    Are you SURE Good Show Sir hasn’t been taken over by the I Can Has CheezBurger network?

  13. Brian B Says:

    The grammar on the blurb is killing me.

    “They’d formed a linking of minds and souls, but would this bring their peoples together or spark an explosion that destroyed all hope of alliance?”

    Okay so you have the past progressive “they had formed…” shifting to conditional tense “would this bring”–which is typicially used in the present or future tense– followed by present tense “spark,” and ending with the simple past tense “destroyed.” It is not exactly wrong, but stylistically it is funky. Easy to fix too:

    “They’d formed a linking of minds and souls, but would this bring their peoples together or spark an explosion that will destroy all hope of alliance?”


    “They’d formed a linking of minds and souls, but will this bring their peoples together or spark an explosion that will destroy all hope of alliance?”


    “Ohai! I lenked our soles and mynds. Can we haz peeples together or will thsi sparc an exbloustion that will dizstroy all hoep of alien-ants?”

  14. Phil Says:

    Q: “…would this bring their peoples together or spark an explosion that destroyed all hope of alliance?”

    A: Yes.

  15. Matt Says:

    Cat-man’s people are different from Human-woman’s people, so “peoples” here isn’t quite as odd as it seems at first glance.

    It’s still really awkward sounding though.

    Also, is it implying that Cat-man and Human-woman did the horizontal mambo? Eww.

  16. Phil Says:

    Matt, it only mentions minds and souls. None of that icky physical business. Holding hands (paws?) is as far as they go. Not that I’ve read the book, mind.

  17. RobotBobDole2.0 Says:

    I OWN THIS BOOK! I got it from the library’s junk box, where they throw the stuff that’s too old, too obtuse/obscure, or too stupid to charge even 10¢ for. It is at least 800 pages long.
    Lisanne Norman wrote 800 pages on Cat People. I am scared to even attempt reading it.

  18. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    It looks like they just came down on an escalator and the cat-guy was trying to impress the girl by showing a new painting of a Spaceship he had just completed. However, the girl seems a little reluctant to let go of the escalator handrail.

  19. arch9enius Says:

    “A linking of minds and souls” could imply “Knee trembler behind the tar factory”. It certainly sounds better. However, the only Catman/Apegirl knee trembler I recall was in a Red Dwarf book, and ended/began in OUCH.

  20. Anninyn ICoS Says:

    Sort of relevant: I used to date Lisannes son when I was 16. Nice lady.

  21. rev Says:

    For 15 years now, we have lived here. Before that time, I was a pet of my master Yoshi…..and then, one day, I came upon a shattered glass jar and four baby turtles.

  22. Tat Wood Says:

    The book behind it, to the right, sounds ominous. Will Elvenbane take on Elvenbatman?
    And Cat-man is saying to Mary-Sue: Fear not. If you think the book we’re in sounds cheesy, consider the poor unfortunates who reside yonder.
    (I’m imagining he talks that way partly because of his posture but mainly from that 80s ‘Beauty and ther Beast’ series where Roy Dotrice played his alleged father.)

  23. rev Says:

    They’d? why not just use Theys or Thems? Would this’ve brung their peoples closer together?

  24. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Cat-Man: And, out the door we go into the cold, hostile vacuum of space!

    Woman: …are you sure this is a good idea?

    Cat-Man: Of course, love, we’ll be dead in less than 30 seconds. And our lungs will be out our ears.

  25. RachelJ Says:

    I believe the blurb-writer may also have been responsible for this:

    Same publisher, same year, same awkward sentence structure.

  26. GSS noob Says:

    I found the first and third (this is the second) of this trilogy and submitted them.

    Less with the groping, but still ridiculous. And with cat-men.

    Yes. It’s a trilogy. THREE 800-page volumes of alliance-forging, grammar-torturing, and cheezburgers for all I know. O noes.

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