Jul 04

The phone always rings when your just in the shower... phasing into a parallel world!Click for full image

Art Direction: Hey remember that time I had too many of those strawberry “stickers.” It was hilarious, I was all like, ‘OH GWAD help me! I’m fading into another world!’ Lets just draw that, expect, miss out the parts with my genitals. Keep the moustache though…
Published 1980

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22 Responses to “Interworld”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    The book cover Tom Atkins didn’t want you to see.

  2. Nix Says:

    It’s like hitch-hiking on a runaway meteor, is it? So, billions of years of extreme boredom followed by a brief instant of searing heat and then you die.

    I think that would count as the worst read ever. (Also the most dated accolade ever. Did Lin Carter think this was the 1930s or something?)

  3. Smith Says:


    How can a book be staccato?

    And doesn’t this look like a picture of a bloke rushing from the shower to answer a 1980s cordless phone?

  4. Smith Says:

    Interworld – where naturism and polygons meet.

  5. Phil Says:

    That’s one Brucie of a hairpiece.

  6. fred Says:

    I give the pornstache a C-.

  7. Adam Roberts Says:

    Look at the shape he’s making with his hand! He’s looking at you, madam, and at you, sir, and calling you a LOSER. The cheek!

  8. jerk of all trades Says:

    “OH GOD, am I turning into a ghost werewolf, or did my guy get the “orders” mixed up?”

  9. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Simon Pegg???

  10. Dalton H. Says:

    Hair like Ringo, body like Iggy, mustache like a teenager.

  11. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    It’s Lee Majors!

  12. Don Hilliard Says:

    No, it’s the ghost of an ’80s porn star haunting his old flat and bewailing that it’s been taken over by hipsters with furniture made of Lego and a matching Trimphone…

  13. Jodrell Says:

    Isn’t that Paul McCartney?

  14. Alessandra Kelley Says:

    Dear lord, it’s Captain Kangaroo!

    And some of the worst modern furniture ever.

  15. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “This is Conapt News, January 2, 2042. A man living in apartment 3463 had his head impaled on a spike this morning, as he attempted to fix the faulty ceiling lights on his own.”

  16. Tat Wood Says:

    Bang Tidy!

  17. Tom Noir Says:

    Let’s talk about this guy’s Interior Decorate Of The Future, who decided that what this home needed was a color coordinated inverted pyramid coming out of the ceiling.

  18. Rev Says:

    That red thing can’t be a phone. Phones are easy to draw. That is a mess.

  19. AnnaT Says:

    So, we have Ugly Guy, who purportedly has a moustache. If that’s a moustache, I’m the Queen of England. It looks more like a flesh-coloured slug draped across his upper lip. And, of course, Slug-Ugly Guy just has to be wandering naked around a strange geometric hell.
    Definitely, the artist was high.

  20. Tom Noir Says:

    You ever have that dream? The one where you’re back at your old school and everyone is staring at you? And then you realize, oh my god, I have a hideous bowl cut?

  21. GSS ex-noob Says:

    At first glance, this appears to have been painted on a light switch cover plate. With the rectangular hole for the switch to fit through in the middle of his chest.

  22. Emster Says:

    Enjoying a random cover… whoo boy… it’s a doozie.

    Giggled my way through another excellent set of comments – a decade later, still hilarious, gang! Captain Kanga Porn Star… Lego furniture… that’s a phone? okay then…

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