Jul 06

I'm a little tea pot, this is my handle and this is my.... central processing unit 554TX-V9000!Click for full image

The Portuguese version of Man Plus. Many thanks to Luis for sending this in!
Published 1976 (maybe)

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21 Responses to “Homem Mais (Man Plus)”

  1. Ian Sales Says:

    Camp cyborg!

  2. James Says:


  3. SI Says:

    WHY…WHY…WHY did they not give me eyes instead of two huge purple glowing things…. WHYYYYYYYY

  4. THX 1138 Says:

    Man Plus: where Larry Grayson meets C3-PO.

  5. Claire Says:

    I say sir – I AM being served!

  6. Nix Says:

    The huge purple glowing things aren’t freaky enough: they’re supposed to be huge, glowing, purple, insectoid, faceted things.

    The rest of the picture looks like, well, like the artist never bothered to read the description of the person (s)he was depicting. But what’s new there?

    The campy pose is quite apt though really it should be more moping than campy.

  7. Tom Noir Says:

    He’s quite a jaunty cyborg for one with no clothes, no skin on his left arm and loofahs where his eyes ought to be!

    I shrink under the scrutiny of his exfoliating gaze!

  8. Kevin Says:

    Man Plus?! more like Man Minus….

  9. Zycrow Says:

    Well so much for sleeping tonight

  10. Scott B Says:

    Man plus a couple hits of acid equals…

  11. jerk of all trades Says:

    What good is having a muscley plastic exterior if you go and leave it on the dashboard of somebody’s car on a hot day?

  12. Ian Says:

    Is that a giant ham sandwich in the background?

  13. jerk of all trades Says:

    I think it’s supposed to be a mushroom cloud. A really badly painted one. I want to say the the threat of nuclear war was a driving factor in the book’s plot, but I haven’t read it since I was a kid.

    Or maybe it’s an even worse representation of Mars itself rising in the background, back behind the Martian landscape and Martian cyborg of the foreground… which would make about as much sense as anything else about this cover does.

  14. Scott B Says:

    Mars is REALLY close to Jupiter in the future.

  15. A.R.Yngve Says:


  16. Dalton H. Says:

    Oh hay!

  17. Stevie T Says:

    As soon as I saw this, this started going through my mind:

  18. Jaouad Says:


  19. FeàřofMusıc Says:

    @Tag Wiz: Another weird pecs specimen for you, fine sir.

  20. The Tag Wizard Says:

    Sterling work, FõM! I shake Homem Mammaros’ wobbly, melting pec at you in appreciation.

  21. anon Says:

    Eh? Eh? ‘Ave you seen it? Eh? Where’s me washboard? Eh? ‘Ow queer!

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