Aug 17

Space Simon Cowell looks down on alien Elvises!Click for full image

Mike Comments: Elvis is not dead, he’s a four-armed ghost reptile…IN SPACE!
Published 1995

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18 Responses to “Rock of Ages”

  1. A.R.Yngve Says:

    There’s just no END to the amount of Elvis impersonators.

  2. RJ Says:

    The gentleman with his arms crossed seems to have escaped from a Mills & Boon cover.

  3. Smith Says:

    I thought it was Simon Cowell on Galaxy’s Got Talent.

  4. Scott B Says:

    Wow. Four-armed reptile Elvis eh? That sets a pretty high bar.

    Also I think I caught a serious case of smug arrogance just from looking at that guy in the center.

  5. Jami Says:

    I actually see four alien Elvises (Elvi?) on the cover.

    Poor Buddy Holly, for all the musicians he influenced, he never gets impersonated by aliens.

  6. fred Says:

    Space Truckin

  7. THX 1138 Says:

    Man, that 2068 Comeback Special was really somethin’.

  8. Jen Says:

    I would read the @#^#! out of that book.

  9. Libraryman Says:

    Oh man. I have actually seen this in person. Just look at the smugness on this guys face.

  10. Seth Christenfeld Says:

    Going by the synopsis on Amazon, this cover MAY ACTUALLY BE ACCURATE.

    And I quote: “The plot moves briskly from underwater palaces to holy Graceland (a marvelously silly land practically overflowing with Elvii of all species, genders and sizes)…”

  11. Phil Says:

    I think I missed that episode of THE MUPPET SHOW.

  12. Domini Says:

    Awww, that’s a Romas cover. I’m fond of the covers he’s done for Anne McCaffrey’s Talent series and a few of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover books. I’m sure he couldn’t help the crummy subject matter for this one! XD

  13. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    The guy in the middle is the anti-Elvis. He’s gonna break out into a Russian dance and dazzle fans into focusing in on him.

  14. Green Says:

    I remember reading this years ago – it’s still one of my absolutely favorite fantasy novels. An absolutely fun read. Those alien Elvis impersonators? They really are in the story. 😀

  15. paul Says:

    What Green said. It’s an enjoyable little book, and yes, Elvis is one of the gods of an alien pantheon, complete with appropriately-attired priesthood. (I wish the writer had done more of these rather than the huge tendentious books-by-the-pound he ended up with.)

  16. olympicbenny Says:

    Garth Marenghi lives!

  17. GSS noob Says:

    I see this predates the “Smirky McSmugface” tag.

  18. GSS ex-noob Says:

    I see this still predates “Smirky McSmug”.

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