Aug 19

Close your eyes my chimp buddy! His loincloth is falling off!Click for full image

I’ll admit the only idea I could come up with is: a woman with laser gun cowers backwards with her chimpanzee colleague, who, I might add, should be in a tight leather body suit. Also, throw in a huge red horned daemon bull creature as he hurls himself at them with a loincloth… sorry I mean spear… ah what the hell why not both!?

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9 Responses to “Endless Blue”

  1. CSA Says:

    Ah this is my favourite scene in the book. It looks like Mr Chimp is trying to distract the minotaur by practicing some Shakespeare lines, but no, he’s actaully reaching for some cleverly concealed fecal matter (its in natures pocket) to launch into the minitaurs face.

    Our heroine, having done this hundreds of times is just sitting there pretending to not notice anything, just calmly waits, putting on her best “sad clown” face. Last second, she ducks. Minitaur gets a chocolate rock in his face, lands, then realises his fatally genetic flaw… Darwin decided he was allowed hands but not feet. His freakishly deformed tiny hooves and massive upper body offer him no centre of balance and so our heroine bravely goes to town on the blinded and disabled minitaur.

    Its actually mostly a comedy. The minitaur race are a really a clumsy Jamacian racial stereotype, which has become the really cool thing to do since George Lucas brought racism back into the mainstream.

    In my opinion the artist captured the moment better than a kodac

  2. little mi Says:

    It looks like the red jumping bull-man is about to have a rather embarrasing crotch meets sticky out bit of rock incident. Perhaps the monkey man is flinging his arm out in a warning while the girl is looking less then impressed by his athletic leaping display.

    I must say I particularly like the title font here with a joyous rainbow of colours and outlining. You can never have too many outlines, that what I say!

  3. SI Says:

    Haha Yea a crotch shot is definitely incoming there.

    While looking at the gloriously outlined title did I just notice something I completely missed first off. Floating islands?

  4. Tom Noir Says:

    Another cover where nobody can manage to point their weapons at each other. Looks like it’s going to be a long fight scene… sigh.

  5. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘Kristen! I have him, Kristen! Just hand me your gun, or your vest, or…’

    ‘Hurrrr…big red man farts purple Baen symbol…so purple…durrrr…’


  6. David Cowie Says:

    Endless blue and orange contrast.

  7. FeårofMůsic Says:

    I sort of like this. I mean, it’s not well done or anything, but it’s a mish mash of enough oddness to get my attention. Well, until I read the title. Isn’t.. isn’t that the name of that one hit wonder that did that awful song ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ s’? Maybe they should have used this for their album cover art. I might have… no I still wouldn’t. But it would be interesting.

  8. Anna T. Says:

    The best thing about this cover is that it corresponds to approximately none of the scenes in the book. No one fights any minotaurs whatsoever. Furthermore, if “Mr. Chimp” is supposed to be Turk, and presumably he is, he looks rather too much like a cat person. He’s actually a human genetically engineered to be able to grow fur over his whole body very quickly, and shed it just as quickly. The actual antagonists are human as well. Having read the book makes understanding how inaccurately, hilariously bad this cover is much easier.

  9. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @Anna: did the blue ever end, though?

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