Sep 16

A He-mullet and a cat-suit! You are out done sir alien thing, hand over the weapon! Whatever it may be!Click for full image

Adam S Comments: So this is what He-Man sees when he’s tripping on acid.
Published 1964

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11 Responses to “People of the Talisman”

  1. RJ Says:

    Is that small head growing out of the alien’s groin a metaphor?

  2. SI Says:

    Alien: “Well you slept with her to get information… why not me?”
    Man: “Cast magic fire ball… cast magic fire ball…..”

  3. Adam Roberts Says:

    Are those really the people from Walter Scott’s classic novel The Talisman? I mean, I’ve read it, and whilst the two on the right ring a bell I really don’t remember the dude on the left at all.

  4. THX 1138 Says:

    Well, if you will look into too many funhouse mirrors…

    Plus, Leigh Brackett! She wrote The Empire Strikes Back! I bet this is just as good.

  5. A.R.Yngve Says:

    What doctors with vaccination syringes look like in Michele Bachmann’s imagination.

  6. fred Says:

    That isn’t a mullet. More like a Prince Valiant with a side part.

  7. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @RJ, I think there’s supposed to be two of those John Cleese-esque aliens. One of them’s covered up by the thumb on his bum. 🙂 The odd cut and colour of the togas doesn’t help at all.

    Alien: “I wish to complain about this baton I got not half hour ago from this very boutique.”
    He-Man: “Well, I’ve had a look round the back, and we’re fresh out of batons. I’ve got this girl.”
    Alien: “Do it twirl?”

  8. jerk of all trades Says:

    “Well, I brought the magical shiny-glowy thingy. Are you going to give me awesome swag to take back home and use to win back my kingdom?”

    “Huh? Oh. Oh, right, I forgot, that’s what we told the people of your realm. Ha ha! For a second I thought you might be from the Unnecessary
    Cat People realm; we told them those things were keys to the catnip kingdom. Ha!”

    “Whaa-aa..? What — what do you mean? I’m NOT the prophesied warrior?”

    “Oh my goodness, no. We’re in the middle of a two-centuries-long famine here. You’re the prophesied dinner. One of many.”

    “….And the glowy gem?”

    “One of our turds.”

  9. TXRed Says:

    I don’t know . . . the colors are not garish enough to be truly bad. Lime, orange and turquoise are in this fall. Which, now that I think about it, may be why this cover looks strangely familiar, as if I’m looking at a fashion show. Maybe the talisman is the key look from an extra-terrestrial designer? That would explain both the ultra-thin aliens and the black cat-suit.

  10. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Man: “Ok, you guys have had your fun, now hand over the keys to my girlfriend’s handcuffs…”

    Alien: “Ok, but only after you’ve heard me play my crystal banjo!”

  11. Shrike58 Says:

    At least the gal is wearing practical shoes.

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