Jan 08

And thus... the moon became her personal lollypop... Click for full image

Good Show Sir’s Art Direction: No no no… I said more glow! And more Ting! And more of the horse looking like he’s awkwardly floating over a field!
Published 2011

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23 Responses to “Destiny’s Star”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    Like a streak of lightning flashing cross the sky! Like the swiftest arrow whizzing from a bow! Like a mighty cannon ball he seems fly – oh, no, sorry, wrong horse.

  2. Bookwench Says:

    Sorry, I thought “Destiny’s Star” was an installment of one of those VC Andrews “Flowers in the Attic” series….

  3. Bookwench Says:

    And I’m distracted by the author’s name font. It wants to go left, it wants to hang right, swirls around in the middle but still show off the full moon…

  4. kamo Says:

    And more bicep! Is that a bicep? Is there such a thing as a singular bicep?

    Maybe it’s his hair. Or his jacket. Probably his jacket. Jacket/eyepatch/cowl thing.

    I prefer the bicep explanation, myself.

  5. Jaouad Says:

    Hm, talking about bicepedes. The person (he/she/it?) on the horse somehow reminds me of this:

  6. Adam Roberts Says:

    ‘I like to braid my hair into broad, spatulate wedges that can then double as shoulder-guards. I’m surprised more warriors don’t do the same.’

  7. kamo Says:

    I’ve changed my mind.

    It’s some sort of fungal growth, clearly. Slowly consuming our hero from his upper-left quadrant down. The book is the tale of his race against time to fulfil his destiny before it covers his entire body.

    I love it when book covers accurately illustrate scenes from the story.

  8. Tom Noir Says:

    “My horse is larger than all the other horses!”

    Incidentally, I think the rider is female. I wouldn’t bet money on it, but that’s my first impression.

  9. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Matilda and Ebony pose dramatically against a misty field…inhabited by indistinct white horses, standing around and doing horsey things. I blame the art director for this one.

  10. fred Says:

    Are those tents in the left background? Mushrooms? Icebergs? Too much mood mist to tell.

  11. Greg M. Says:

    It appears the author’s last name has an L that she presently isn’t using.

  12. DaveM Says:

    Fred, if you click on the full image and zoom in, they’re definitely horses in the background, though the grey one bottom left of the picture could be a giant goat..

    Tom Noir, with you on this. The leg and arm of the rider are more “stock fantasy young hero woman”, than “stock fantasy hero dude”. Also something about the face and hair seems feminine to me.

    Hey what if the horse is named “Star” and the rider “Destiny” – suddenly the cover all makes sense! wait, no it doesn’t. What if the HORSE is named destiny and the rider Star? Naa, that’s just a little creepy.

  13. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Is it just me or is the horse’s head encased in ice?

  14. A.R.Yngve Says:

    A good rule of thumb for review quotes:
    If the words, “the”, “a”, and “an” are missing from the quote, it’s probably because the full quote was not that good…

  15. Simon Says:

    Argh. One of ours. We throw ourselves upon the mercy of the court…

  16. Simon Says:

    Society is to blame.

  17. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @Simon: I would like the three out by the rubbish bin taken into consideration. 😉

  18. RachelJ Says:

    @DaveM. Well, it’s apparently all about a girl and her horse, and it’s been favourably reviewed by something called “Romantic Times”. So yes, possibly *quite* creepy.

  19. FearofMusic Says:

    @Simon. Bravo sir. The old fashioned courage to stand up and admit to the deed, coupled with the modern sensibility permitting to be placed on a faceless and impersonal entity. I see an alternative career in politics as a distinct possibility for you, my fine sir…

  20. Jerk of all Trades Says:

    A disturbing percentage of that horse appears to have been crafted from solid Ting!.

  21. Herm Says:

    Why…? The hind hooves… and tail… in some kind of altered gravity field…?

  22. Rags Says:

    There is something wrong with that horses head.

    Dear Romantic Times, if you wanted to sell this book change the quote to “amazing sexual prowess!”

  23. Stevie T Says:

    So that’s what boredom looks like….

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