Feb 16

SPACE HIPPO!!Click for full image

Collette’s Art Direction: I envision floating elderly embryos, spaceships, and armed jungle animals before a crimson sky! Hmm… maybe we should put that in a small box on the cover, because now that I say it out loud, it sounds kind of crazy.
Published 1971

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14 Responses to “The Battle of Forever”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    The naked bloke is what happens to you when you spend too long staring into funhouse mirrors. How does he expect to fit in his rocket now?

  2. Alessandra Kelley Says:

    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was rather disappointing this year.

  3. fred Says:

    Tired eyes on the sunrise waiting for the eastern glow.

  4. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Wait a mo. ‘The fuse that would destroy mankind was lit…’ But it’s not the fuse that does the destroying, is it? It’s the bomb the fuse is part of. It makes no sense.

    @Alessandra: that’s SpongeBob ProGeria. He’s a runaway hit because he hasn’t any tethering lines.

  5. Alessandra Kelley Says:

    I’ve been wondering. Is the second creature from the left a hippopotamus? Because it looks like Jar-Jar Binks.

  6. Phil Says:

    Yes, a hippo, surely. The leopard on the right couldn’t be bothered to bring a weapon, smugly assuming that he is fierce enough with weaponing up.

  7. ecthroi Says:

    book publisher: “can you draw animals holding weapons, and elderly fetuses floating like balloons?”

    starving artiste: “yeah, i can pull that off pretty well.”

    bp: “how about a basic spaceship and/or futuristic building?”

    sa: “not really, they usually end up looking like warped water towers.”

    bp: “….you’re the tenth guy in here today. screw it; you’re hired.”

  8. ash966 Says:

    Shame about the cover, I did like the spin-off toys though:

    Also, this:

  9. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “The fuse that would destroy mankind was lit and burning!”
    But enough talk about global warming…

  10. Jaouad Says:

    Is this how Winston Churchill looked as a baby?

  11. Muttley Says:

    This is by the great John Schoenherr, a Hugo winner best known for his illo’s and covers for the magazine serialisation of Dune in Analog and for Weyr Search, the first Pern story. I can only assume he was given specific instructions – his work is generally much better than this.

  12. Herm Says:

    The animals are really well drawn! Not sure about the rest of it, particularly the flying Voldemort/Gollum…

  13. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Benjamin Button was furious when he found out that the fuse was lit:
    “Ok, when I find out which one of you gun-toting animals lit the fuse there’s gonna be hell to pay!”

  14. Ray P Says:

    See Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick for a very similar bald floating figure on the cover.

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