Aug 14

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MisterBOB Comments: Astronauts and furry alien return from a fishing trip, without a fish.
Published 1987

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25 Responses to “A Lion on Tharthee”

  1. Phil Says:

    A whaling trip, more like: Tharthee blows!

  2. Tom Noir Says:

    A quick check showed them that the Kremlin spires on their spacecraft were still intact.

  3. Michael Toland Says:

    The little green guy seems to be saying, “Heeeeyyy! Whassup?”

  4. Mike G. Says:

    He only wrote 2 books, _Saturnalia_, and this one, which is a sequel to _Saturnalia_.

    Both good books – too bad he didn’t write more…

    It is a very 80’s SF cover, though, I agree 🙂

  5. THX 1138 Says:

    It’s the Alien Fonz: “Ayyy…!” (cue wild audience applause and whooping until he signals for abrupt silence).

  6. SI Says:

    “Darling… that alien has a third ear.. can’t I use the toilet on another planet?”

  7. fred Says:

    How does that hair fit in that helmet?

  8. David Cowie Says:

    Little green guy has six fingers.
    I suspect that the author never said the title out loud until it was too late to change. Tharthee. Tharthee. Tharthee.

  9. Ian Says:

    Two Lion (Lyon) titles in a row… Is this a theme week?

  10. chuffmunky Says:

    can we start a new tag for ‘failiens’? lol

  11. Adam Roberts Says:

    Life begins at Tharthee.

  12. Anti-Sceptic Says:

    Reading the title makes me wonder if Daffy Duck makes an appearance…

  13. Phil Says:


  14. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Look, it’s Björk!

  15. Ian Says:

    Maybe that is a misprint… “A Lion on Tharthee” might have really been “Alien on Tharthee”…

  16. Jerk of all Trades Says:

    Damn that alien’s got tiny hands.

  17. Tim Says:

    At least we know the answer to “Whatever happened to Kristy MacNichol?”

  18. Rags Says:

    17!!! I counted 17 fingers on this cover!

  19. Rags Says:

    Candice Bergen on Thhartee!!

  20. Dave Says:

    Beast Boy?

  21. Bibliomancer Says:

    Jazz Hands!

  22. Tag Wizard Says:

    Thanks B! Tag sweep done.

  23. Stevie T Says:

    “Look! A lion, thar, thee!”

    By the way, your new random cover button is evil. Can’t…stop…clicking on it…just…one more time…!

  24. anon Says:

    Alien: “So, I stole and attached to myself a human arm. What’s the big deal? The kid was this big.”
    Man: “Come on, we have to get you out of here before the crowd notices.”
    Woman: “Get on with it. I see a cop over there.”

  25. GSS noob Says:

    Either Benedict Cummerbund there has his helmet on needlessly, or Kristy McNichol from the late 70’s is about to die.

    Either way, green guy doesn’t care. He’th not Tharthee.

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