Mar 16

No offense, you're not really made for stealth darling!

Art direction: *hick* man I am SOooo drunk. I love you man… LOVE YOU! Wha? Oh yea… some sorta orbital dome with a guy and a gun… wait… better throw in a glowing women… in tight latex, big rack… hahaha! How more stereotypical can I get? Throw in a glowing sword too!

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13 Responses to “Goddess glow power gooooooooo!”

  1. CSA Says:

    not enough glowing in my opinion

  2. Jim Ryan Says:

    Please tell me Russell Davies wasn’t looking at this when he wrote “The Parting of the Ways”…

  3. Tom Noir Says:

    HE’S a secret operative on a dangerous mission. SHE’S a Miss Galaxy pageant contestant who is waving at the crowd. Sparks fly when she tries to cut his gun in half and he tries to shoot her in the crotch. But will they find ROMANCE when they find themselves stuck in Epcot Center after dark?

  4. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Alternate title:

  5. FearofMusic Says:

    Worst blurb EVER. It’s as if it’s created from pure anti-curiosity.

  6. Jaouad Says:

    I thought being Divine was less to do with danger than with being the Filthiest Person Alive.

  7. Herm Says:

    Can’t tell if this needs a TING! tag or not…

  8. The Tag Wizard Says:

    Certainly for the fonTING, yes indeed. TING’d!

  9. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Of course it’s dangerous to be divine… if you’re glowing brightly enough to make yourself a big human target in a firefight!

  10. anon Says:

    They swiped the font from Farscape. And isn’t that Britney Spears?

  11. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @TagWizard: there’s enough Ting! on the cover already, but I really think this has fonTing! too.

  12. Tag Wizard Says:

    Without a hi-res image my call is that is a background Ting! and not fonTing!

    I think the statute of limitations has run out on this one.

  13. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @TW: It’s background Ting! behind the font.

    I, er, um, may have owned this at one time. It is nowhere near as ridiculous as this cover suggests. She doesn’t actually glow and can look after herself in a fight.

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