Sep 04

Dude!!!!! ... you always need to have the vindaloo!Click for full image

OK, spinning my cover creator wheel again! We have… dragons, plural – nice! The dragons are (throwing my action dice)… shitting out fire, awesome! Hmm, they are also… (roll)… carrying… (spin)… a woman in a Persian rug, touch! And in the background this time we will have a….. pyramid… awww just like the books name!

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8 Responses to “Pyramid Scheme”

  1. CSA Says:

    Eric Flict you god amoung mere mortals. Another awesome cover!

    however, i do believe this one could be satire. but sometimes you just can’t know with Flint.

  2. SI Says:

    Well the thing is… the book is comedy. But it’s not a joke unto the genre.

    So I think it still counts.

  3. Roses Says:

    Wow…that poor dragon. That must have been an epic curry.

    And they even managed to get in a buxom woman.


  4. Ugotpwn3d Says:

    I’m not convinced of that womens safety! She’s a tad bit top heavy and leaning out …. If that dragon has to come to an emerency stop there will be tears!

    I should probably not comment when I’m in the pub!

  5. Zazu Yen Says:

    Gotta love every time ‘shitting’ and ‘fire’ come up on the dice. It could always be that “breathed fire” has been misinterpreted in the old legends, wouldn’t that be embarrassing.

    I wonder if those two are related to Terry Pratchett’s Errol.

  6. Tom Noir Says:

    It’s nice that you get not one, but TWO electrically charged black obsidian pyramids incorporated into the design. The cover art team really pulled out all the stops on this one!

  7. FeârofMüsïc Says:

    “.. better than a three ring circus… ”

    That’s not saying much really. Circus’ are freaky.They have clowns.And clowns are creepy and kinda evil. Then again, so’s Eric Flint.
    The artist hadda love this though. How often do you get asked to draw a surprised looking dragon with a massive column of flame shooting out it’s arse? And through a hoop no less. Pretty sweet.

  8. Chris Davison Says:

    It is a caricature, but all the elements are in the book . . .

    The worrying thing is just how many of these titles/covers i own . . .

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