Mar 11

Look at the calendar. It seems we have a very important day circled there. No, it’s not a Monday Bank Holiday. It’s the Good Show Sir 10th Birthday Gala! I guess we need to post OUR GREATEST COVER EVER! Which, unfortunately, Tag Wizard forgot to organize. So we will just have to fish something out of the slush pile. At least the title is somewhat relevant.

Your 15 minutes of fame is up ... 9 years ago!Click for larger image

Good Show Comments: The whole Good Show Sir experience was eerily foretold in B. Flackes’ classic science fiction novel “Ten Years to Oblivion”!

Thanks to all of our GSS After Dark club members for making it to the JuJu Chelsea for a wild evening of wining and dining. And what a surprise! Thanks to our good friends at Baen for picking up the tab. Didn’t you know? They bought us out last month in an unfriendly takeover. Well it’s been a good run.

We even ordered a very appropriate birthday cake:

Who ordered the beefcake?Click for larger image

Good Show Comments: Yeah, it’s photoshopped. We bought one of those edible photo cakes and even sent over a picture of our favourite book cover on a thumb drive for the baker to put on the icing. Unfortunately this is what was delivered to the party:

Right-click to removeClick for larger image

Good Show Comments: But thanks anyway to all the loyal kooks who have been showing up these many years and somehow keeping this shitshow going. And for all the commenters who have fallen by the wayside. And for the one-off drive-by’s who remind us that it was really a great book and the cover is very professionally done and shows something that was really in the story. Remember, the real Good Show Sir were the friends we made along the way. Or some such bollocks.

Oh no! Not another Harry Turtledove mashup!Click for larger image

Good Show Comments: … Let’s end the next decade with a bang!

Published 1951, 1964

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