Oct 16

I'm dressed as the slutty monster; why won't the neighbours give me candy?Click for larger image

GSS ex-noob Comments: Mr. Out standing in his own field…

Published 2015

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33 Responses to “Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth”

  1. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “The unspeakable, black-eyed spawn of Dagon slithered towards to the villager; there was no escape from its drooling jaws — but the village woman simply shrugged and told the abomination: ‘You ain’t scaring me, luv — I’ve met Harvey Weinstein.'”

    (Too soon?)

  2. Francis Boyle Says:

    And thus it was that henceforth all unspeakable abominations would be known by the name of Harvey.

    As in “I’ve had it with these mutherfuckin’ harvies on these mutherfuckin’ covers.

  3. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    At first I thought that the Weinstein jokes, while timely, were a little easy. Then I realized that the fellow on the cover has sperm stabbing him in the back of the head.

    “Looks like a good crop o’ shadows this year! Gettin’ weirder and weirder ever’ day!”

  4. THX 1138 Says:

    “Ooyah! Should have worn shoes!”

  5. Bibliomancer Says:

    There seems to be a weirder shadow over this paperback cover.
    Is that a looming menace? (Or GSSxN with a camera?)

  6. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @Tag Wizard—thanks for the “weird pecs” tag. Perhaps we’re also into “weird gills” territory!

  7. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:


  8. fred Says:

    ‘Humanoids From The Deep’, yet another Doug McClure masterpiece, ably assisted by Ann Turkel.

  9. B. Chiclitz Says:


  10. Ray P Says:

    Howling at the moon is more of a werewolf thing isn’t it? Oh it’s modern horror.

  11. Raoul Says:

    H.P. Lovecraft, King of the Fonts

  12. Bibliomancer Says:

    @BC – I’ve located the photo of the cover boy’s actual Mom

    From this interesting blog:

  13. Anna T. Says:

    Coming soon to theatres: the new Lovecraft-inspired rock opera, starring the Beast from the Black Lagoon . . .

  14. Tor Mented Says:

    The cover creature is so whisper thin because its teeth prevent any decent portion of food from entering its mouth, and thus it is reduced to straining krill.

  15. Tat Wood Says:

    Weirder shadows? It’s perfectly normal if you have a full moon setting at noon on a foggy day.

  16. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @Tor: 🙂

  17. Tat Wood Says:

    @Tor: but he’s a Rhode Islander, he lives on cabinets and clear chowder.

    He’s probably angry because Dunkin’ Donuts is changing its name to just ‘Dunkin’.

    Or that Benny’s is closing after 90 years.

  18. Bibliomancer Says:

    @Tat – He’s obviously pissed that the Red Sox were knocked out of the playoffs.

  19. Tat Wood Says:

    @Bibliomancer: Dunno. My experiences in the blokey spaces of the state lead me to conclude that the entire male population of Rhode Island each think they’re the only Mets fan around and just have a hat or T-shirt for the Red Sox as protective colouration (in fact, they probably just wear P-Bruin stuff even in summer to avoid the topic altogether).

    Massholes assume that all of New England loves them, hence all the Sox merch gathering dust in Stop & Shop, but even half-price Hood ice cream with Red Sox decals doesn’t sell. People would rather pay full price for the one with the chocolate-espresso lighthouses.

  20. Bibliomancer Says:

    @Tat – Lovecraft may be from Rhode Island but Innsmouth is in Massachusetts.

  21. Tat Wood Says:

    @Bibliomancer: somehow, I don’t think Lovecraft was into sport.

  22. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Alternate titles:





  23. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Tag Wizard: thanks! But the line there is what I said about the several Gordon R. Dickson covers I sent in. (See one underneath, teasing!)

    This is by far the least scary of all the covers I provided. It actually seems to have quite a bit to do with the book, and isn’t garish.

    There were about 10 photos I took of BAEN!explosion books.

    @Bibliomancer: It’s Mr. Ex-Noob. Rarely if ever a looming menace. Though his cell phone (for that is the shadow of it) kind of is.

    @DSWBT: Followed, of course, by

    What’s odd is that the artist put basically no shadows on the cover at all. The foggy lighting creates no shadows. There are a few not very dark ones on the creature and that’s it.

    Do non-existent shadows fit into the “weirder” category?

  24. Tag Wizard Says:

    @GSS XN – OK, so if this guy isn’t outstanding in his field, which witty comment did you wish me to attribute to you? Will deal with your other covers in due course.

  25. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @TW: Um. I didn’t really HAVE a witty comment about this one. Just sort of thought “eerrgghhh”.

    He does seem to be out standing in his field, so you may have made me more clever than I am! Leave it as-is, I say!

    He ought to be doing more than just standing in his field; look how that fence is in need of repair.

  26. B. Chiclitz Says:

    As they say in South Philly, not for nothing, but . . . I think it was either me or Bibliomancer who introduced the “outstanding in his field” trope or meme to the GSS discourse community. If it was me, I herewith freely and fully bequeath the use of this witticism as freely and fully as any GSS minion wishes to use it. If it was Bibliomancer, ditto.

    Anyway, this dude is totally out standing in his field, catching flies, the only food he can ingest.

  27. Bibliomancer Says:

    @B. Chiclitz – He is outstanding in his field. And he is standing there beside himself.

  28. Tag Wizard Says:

    @B.Chiclitz @Bibliomancer – I have the power to search all comments. The first citation goes to THX 1138, August 27, 2013. Two years before you two comedians “introduced” it. 🙂

  29. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @Tag Wizard—now I get why you routinely ignore my tag requests, you probably figure I “borrow” them! Well, apologies to THX 1138, an A-List poster by any name, and thanks to you for being the GSS crime dog, although I wonder—how do you keep all that power from going to your head? 😉

  30. GSS ex-noob Says:

    Tag Wizard’s going to deal with me in due course. Good or bad?

    Like Gordon R. Dickson, this chap is outstanding in his field, and also in a field by himself. (I don’t remember which blurb that was from, but TW sees all, knows all)

    @BC: Might be catching flies, might be straining at gnats. He does look to be under strain, and the gnats would fit between the gnashers.

  31. THX 1138 Says:

    I can’t lay claim to “Outstanding in his field”, it’s a very old joke after all. I’m just happy to have invented “Faux-nan”, that’s my proudest achievement on here.

  32. Bibliomancer Says:

    @THX 1138 – As the great Gordon R. Dickson would put it: not only are you outstanding in your field, you are in a field all by yourself!

  33. THX 1138 Says:

    @ #32: That’s one way of putting it!

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