Jul 22

Damiano's LubeClick for larger image

Good Show Sir Comments Dear Penthouse Letters. You won’t believe what happened to me after my Renaissance Faire gig …

Published 1984

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16 Responses to “Damiano’s Lute”

  1. Bruce A Munro Says:

    “Could you guys get back to me later? Me and the lady are having a moment here.”

  2. Francis Boyle Says:

    I hereby propose a rule that any lute (or similar stringed instrument including, but not limited to, guitars, banjos, mandolins or bouzoukis*) posed at an angle of greater that 45 degrees requires the services of Space Sheep.

    *But not ukuleles – no one can possibly take those things seriously.

  3. THX 1139 Says:

    So that’s where they got the idea for Peter Davison’s regeneration.

  4. Tat Wood Says:

    @THX: in 1984, casting Ian Rush as the sixth Doctor would have reversed the ratings plunge, if nothing else.
    (But now I’m imaining ‘The Mark of the Rani’ with a Scouse Doctor in a shell-suit telling rioters ‘Eh! Eh! Caaaaalm down, la’)

  5. fred Says:

    Just for once I want to see a Heroic Fantasy musician who plays a sackbut.

  6. Verylatetotheparty Says:

    @THX & Tat W: If this relates to Doctors five/six why is there a big weeping angel? I expect it’s all because of the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey, especially being published back in 1984.

    @Francis B: …and when you’ve just regained your composure after seeing some uncovered piano legs only a year ago.

    @Fred: He has a sack, but he keeps his lute in it.

  7. Adzel Says:

    Even after a six hour drive up to the mountains, Damiano & Belinda just couldn’t get away from her parents.

  8. Bibliomancer Says:

    Is this one of those good-angel-bad-angel-working-on-his-conscience situations?

  9. fred Says:

    Looking at the wingtips I think it’s a-good-angel-working-on-a-psychological-impotence-situation.

  10. Bruce A Munro Says:

    On the larger version, Damiano looks a bit 70s: white man’s afro, and is that a pornstache, or just shading?

    It’s not an _ugly_ cover but IMHO, it looks like something of a ego-stroke for Damiano: not only does he have a lovely woman shoving her boob in his face, but apparently his soul (or possibly crotch) is important enough for the forces of heaven and hell to compete over.

    @Bibliomancer: I’m not sure if that is a demon? Doesn’t have the usual horns, etc. On the other hand, the hair is a bit too Dragonball Z for good guys in western media.

    @fred: as pointy as those things are, I’d want them well away from my junk.

  11. B. Chiclitz Says:

    One Damiano, a lutist,
    Had a babe who, while not quite the cutest,
    As they snuggled up close
    Under demons morose
    Sighed “You know I’m quite skilled as a flutist.”

  12. Verylatetotheparty Says:

    @Bruce: Play some funky madrigals white boy?

  13. GSS ex-noob Says:

    It’s set in early Renaissance times and there’s a dude with his lute, the archangel he talks to, Satan who’s after him, a lady, which is all true to the book… and yet there are bazongas front and center grabbing all the attention. Also yon damsel has her own backlighting.

    Not a terrible cover but it just doesn’t work.

    Current cover:

    GSS to BC and Vlttp.

  14. JuanPaul Says:

    No one can resist petting a poodle.

  15. DaveM Says:

    @Verylatetotheparty, GSS indeed!

  16. A. R. Yngve Says:

    “I’m dying… but before I go, I have something important to say…”

    “Yes, my love?”

    “What does the fox say…?” [*gack*]

    “Damn you! Damn you to hell!!”

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