Jan 16

Twenty Twenty Two Blew. Twenty three skidoo!

Here at Good Show Sir we outdid ourselves in selfishly serving our customer base. Which remains nonexistent. Which is why we pioneered the introduction of random bank holidays not officially recognized by our stodgy government. A special tip of the hat to our field correspondent Ryan who apparently tours the ghost towns of the American Southwest where the last remaining paperback shoppes are preserved by the dry climate.

On to the honorees. The highest-rated cover of 2022, congrats to Max Bathroom, is:

On with the Covid maskClick for larger image

Max Bathroom Comments: Why you should never use a magic sword to shave your chest.

The Dancers of Arun

The Dancers of Arun

Tag Wizard shows off his twisted mind by favouring this clusterf*ck:

Adult nip-slip fantasyClick for larger image

Charles Art Direction: “Under no circumstance put a unicorn on the cover”.
Year of the Unicorn

Year of the Unicorn

While this doozy gave, yours truly, GSS Admin, bad flashbacks:

Speed KillsClick for larger image

Good Show Sir Comments: When Civilization ultimately battles for survival I am sure they will rely upon the KISS Army. Thanks to Ryan for sending this in!

The Texts of Festival

The Texts of Festival

Looking forward to big things happening here at Good Show Sir in 2023. Or maybe not. You get what you pay for!
— GSS Admin

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11 Responses to “Olde Year Summe Up 2022”

  1. Tat Wood Says:

    As with the Bookers, the small, independent presses show they can delver the goods just as well as the Random Penguin conglomerates.

  2. fred Says:

    1 – It really should switch hands with what it’s holding looking at what is written in magic marker on both forearms.

  3. Leak Says:

    Je suis H. Christ…

  4. Bruce Alexander Munro Says:

    Hooray! We’re back.

  5. Francis Boyle Says:

    And thank Cthulhu for that! Evil teddy was starting to have an effect.

  6. GSS ex-noob Says:

    1. Point of order, m’luds: Satanskin is actually from 2021. Not that it doesn’t deserve another go-round, but that means we’d like another cover actually from 2022.

    Particularly since “drawn by amateur teen boy awful” is nowhere near “WTF awful” like the other two, from big publishers. Even if the “author” is a pseudonym of the horrible person @fred linked on the original — only proves he’s a non-writer not even trying very hard.

    2. Looked the original up and am now worried about the next time I hear “Year of the Cat”.

    3. Still Pinth-Garnellian. And loud both in colors and the sound you can almost hear coming from it.

    I hope we’d have something new-ish today, being as it’s Monday but only a holiday in the US. Either that or they’d skip today as well, adding to even more holidays they’ve declared without bothering with Charlie 3’s government.

  7. Tag Wizard Says:

    @GSSxN Oops. In my defence I went through the top-rated covers of all time and went 20 pages not finding anything from 2022. My bleary eyes thought this was the one.

    If anyone can find the top-rated 2022 cover, or wishes to nominate their own favourite, I am willing to edit.

  8. Max Bathroom Says:

    Flattered to see I got the top spot, even if it was a year late.
    Maybe switching Satanskin for The Dancers of Arun would fix the problem GSS has noticed: I think that one spent a lot longer in the top ten than the dubious book with the tattoo flash cover, after all…

  9. GSS ex-noob Says:

    I agree with @Max. Dancing Arunian was even professionally WTF. And if you click that link, you’ll see @Tat’s even given us a soundtrack!

  10. Tag Wizard Says:

    So be it

  11. Emster Says:

    Yay! I was thinking of doubling up the online courses this winter, but now the GSS is back, ththththtptht to that! Bring it on, GSS friends!

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