May 05

Whaaaa! What the hell is that thing!?! Couldn't we just cuddle?Click for full image

Jeff’s Art Direction: First off, what do you think of when I say “Dreams of Steel?” Did you immediately think of a partially leather-clad dagger wielding S&M addict conjuring a pig-dog-reptile thing from out of a rainbow? You did!? Oh, and I guess we better stick something on the cover relating to the story… like a Black Company shield on the pillar. Perfect!

Amazing! Thanks Jeff!

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29 Responses to “Dreams of Steel”

  1. Adam Roberts Says:

    See, that’s the secret of a good look: accessorize!

  2. Agrajag Says:

    It’s a beauty! “Dreams of Danielle Steel” by any chance?

  3. SophaLoaf Says:

    Maybe it is the dream of Danielle Steel.

  4. SI Says:

    Is she wearing a leather poncho?

    I also love the sparkles at her finger tips. Now that’s magic! None of this blue/green smoke you get these days.

  5. admin Says:

    SophaLoaf> If it makes you feel better. Agrajags comment wasn’t approved till after you posted your one!

  6. Simon Says:

    *is speechless*

  7. James Lovegrove Says:

    From Old Whifflegrave’s Almanacke Of Magicke: “When conjuring up ye crocohog-hound demons from the nether regions, it be crucial that thee pose with thy breastes thrust forward and thy leggs spredde in such a wise that thine intimate crotchly partes do forthrightly be on displaye. Else thy spell shalt be forfit and thou shalt look ridickulous.”

  8. Adam Roberts Says:

    Think what would have happened if she’d got the spell wrong, confused left and right, and manifested the S&M leaping pigdog from her right hand instead? It would have knocked her head clean off.

  9. DeadRobot Says:

    My wizard professor always said that you should stand to conjure a hell puppy. Spells come from the diaphragm. Also sitting on a cold wall in leather pants will give you piles.

  10. Asher Says:

    Despite the horrid cover, the Black company books are a must read.
    Great Books. (another one I own.)

  11. CSA Says:

    I knew i shouldn’t have given up the Glen Cook Black Company novels at the third one, that cover is awesome. But it was just gettting to be too much of a hastle to read them, anytime i read them in public, even gentle elderly ladys would throw rubbish at me and jeer.

    The sparkles are fabulous, nothing says evil sorceress like sparkly fingers.

  12. little mi Says:

    hmm… she appears to keep her sword/dagger attached to her knee. I suppose this is sensible if you spend most of your time spreading your legs on walls but otherwise I understood the waist was a more usual choice.

  13. Michael Steele Says:

    I wanted faux lesbian bondage erotica. I didn’t expect this.

  14. Tom Noir Says:

    Hi all, I’m a bit new at all this.

    Just wanted to clarify – this is a picture of a black leather clad woman seated casually by some stairs while her foreshortened left arm magically morphs into a portal for devil/dog/pig hybrids?

  15. Parker Says:

    @Tom Noir – Pretty much sums it up.

  16. e.lee Says:

    Sorcerers and witches- not content to use a leash for their pet pig-trolls, like the rest of us ordinary folk…

  17. Don Hilliard Says:

    This one actually needs to be expanded to full size to realize how truly bad it is, as evinced by the references above to “sitting on the wall.” Sadly, she’s NOT sitting; on full view, I realized there’s daylight between her rump and the brickwork; then I realized you can JUST see the cuff of her highly-practical just-over-the-knee high-heeled boot behind the aurora of emerging hellbeast. She’s standing on the stairs, left foot several steps down from her right.

    Except that if her legs are the same length (as mine and I suspect most of yours are), her left foot isn’t landing on a stair, it’s somewhere in midair between two of them.

    Even worse, she appears to have been sawn in half and carelessly reassembled. The artist (and I have no idea who this one is, sorry) put enough highlights at her crotch to show that her belt buckle is dead-center on her waist, and enough loving detail of the exposed strip from neck to waist to show that her shirt’s laced dead-center up her torso…but the vee of her shirt (and the bellybutton visible therein) lands well to the right of her belt buckle.

    This must be a public-service poster for Hogwarts showing how messing about with evil sorcery can really take a physical toll.

  18. little mi Says:

    Oh, I see now! She is standing on the stairs with one leg straight on the lower stairs behind the magic demon blur and the other bent with her foot on a higher stair. That dagger business all makes sense now, it is on her hip…gosh, don’t I feel the fool now!

  19. SI Says:

    Little Mi > Yea I did wonder what you were on about! 😛 You probably needed more coffee.

  20. tyrone Says:

    Materialize spotted warthog! Whilst I fluff my hair.

  21. Nix Says:

    The reason why you can’t figure out who the artist is, is because the Lady came after them and, well, there’s not very much left of them anymore.

    Really not.

    Rule #1 in this area: Do not draw pictures of women before determining a) who they used to be married to and b) if they used to be dark goddesses. (Oh, yes, thanks to glamour she’s also staggeringly attractive a lot of the time, and looks fairly average when the glamour is off. The lady depicted there has a face like a hideous mutant dwarf and my mind blanked out before daring to consider the rest of her.)

    I don’t know what the hell she’s conjuring. Suffice to say she doesn’t conjure it in the book. (And it’s a book with so very many excellent setpiece scenes that could have been shown, like the cold-blooded priest massacre…)

  22. Keith Berdak Says:

    I actually did the painting 5 years before the book came out. Glen liked it and wrote the scene into the book. This particular individual is immortal, very powerful and suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder. Reminded me of the woman who posed for it (the MPD anyway.) To Nix I would suggest learning to read; your writing is very skillful, but at the moment, you might want to lend your name to, oh, something that kills lice! Maybe a shampoo that Tyrone can use whilst he goes forth to fluff his hair. Maybe this product could remove a few parasitic insects. But, as I said, I did the painting long before the book was written, and the “cold-blooded priest massacre” would have been great. Cheers, KB

  23. SI Says:

    Welcome aboard Keith!

    Have you tried just drawing like little baby kittens and leaving them at Glens to see if he’ll work them into his stories somehow? 😛

  24. anon Says:

    Is that a taunt? “Glen Cook dreams of steel”

  25. Anna T. Says:

    Why is “Anatomical Issues” not a tag here?

  26. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Hey, this is a recycled cover! It was previously used for the Judas Priest album “Black Leather Hellhounds”.

  27. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Speaking of War Pigs, can anyone suggest a reason why bootlegs of last night’s Black Sabbath concert are being classified under ‘Comedy’ over on YouTube?

  28. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @DSWBQuestions: someone mistook it for a lost episode of Spinal Tap?

  29. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Too true!

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