Jun 06


This is just a quick message for those who follow along here at Good Show Sir or for those that are passing by. I apologise for the lack of updates recently and I put it down to not actually having any more book covers in my personal archive. Within the next few weeks I am hoping to get more Good Shows and do a little bit of web site changes to make everything look that little bit more special.

I do know there are people who regularly head to this website even though it has only been up for two months and I have done next to no advertising. It’s much appreciated!! And remember, if you have any terrible book covers then please send them in. Together we can create something truely awesome!

– Good Show Sir

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One Response to “Not a new book cover”

  1. CSA Says:

    thats a pretty bad cover… No Dragons, no three breasted female barbarians, no cat-people, no wizards and no exploding space ships… as far as i can see, its just all words in a standard font size (not even embossed font) with no pictures… if i didnt know any better i’d say thats not a new book cover… which incidently seems to be the name of the book… those sneaky bastards…

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