Dec 14

Gwad Slippery Jim! It's art not a slide!Click for full image

Don Comments: It was originally supposed to be “The Stainless Steel Boob-Juggler’s Revenge”, but then we wouldn’t have room on the cover for this lovely art.
Published 1973

Many thanks to Don!

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12 Responses to “The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge”

  1. SI Says:

    French circus’ are awesome…

  2. Herm Says:

    Granted, and much to my shame, I’ve only read the first Stainless Steel Rat book… but I definitely don’t remember anything to suggest he routinely wears giant aluminium naked-lady waders.

  3. Fred Zimmerman Says:

    I suspect this is the one with the curvaceous baddie Angelina stealing the giant battleship, in which case the cover is in spirit with the book…

  4. Anrkist Says:

    Slippery Jim di Griz and his two big balls of revenge.

  5. Adam Roberts Says:

    In France they call it ‘Pรƒยฉtanque’.

  6. AB Says:

    This is the cover by Richard Powers I think, one of the more odd covers i must say. I think this is the one where James and Angelina are married and she turns up to stop him getting to ‘involved’ with the local amazonian curvaceous ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still don’t get why he’s levitating two metal stress balls?

  7. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Slippery Jim’s got huge stainless balls of steel, I’ll grant him that….

    … but a huge stainless corset and stockings??
    Is there something about him that Harry Harrison haven’t told us?
    (It’s okay, Jim. We won’t hate or judge you for being a Stainless Steel Transvestite.)

  8. Kristoffer Says:

    Love me some Harrison, but his novels got some amazing covers.

    It’s awesome that this one keeps in the theme of the previous Stainless Steel Rat (which has only ONE floating metal ball, and a random purple heart!):

  9. Elfi Says:

    See, the way the text is wrapped, I’m reading it as:

    The Stainless: Steel Rat’s Revenge.

    Maybe Steel Rat has other adventures, along with his pals from The Stainless… Steel Cat, Steel Dog, and Steel Parrot.

    The Stainless is actually the name of their cadre, right? O.o

    Also, what’s with the giant Abdominal Triangle on the woman-form? Is that her pantyline?

  10. Mark V Thomas Says:

    Given the cover, has the artist already undergone brainwashing by the Kekkonshiki, a/k/a the”Grey Men”, that our somewhat larcenous hero, encounters later in the book, including the Axon feed, or is this merely a ad by the Claand Tourist Board…?

  11. Steve Fahnestalk Says:

    Yes, it’s Richard Powers. BTW–before you criticize other people’s work, how about using your spare time to learn punctuation and spelling?
    In other words, you’re really bad at both!

  12. SI Says:

    What punk’uation and speeling offends you sir?

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