Sep 17

HAAHAHAH FOOLS! Laser beats spears! Owned!Click for full image

Art shouldn’t be confined to one side of a book, so span it across front AND back! And I am talking full-on epic here. Guy carried by a lizard horse dragon thing, shoots his laser at… wait for it….. dwarfs with spears riding on the backs of kangaroos! It will be a Sci-Fi craze! I’m sure it will just be as popular as man-tigers… Ahahahaha……………..

Thanks again to Chris R! You’re a legend!

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13 Responses to “The Trouble Twisters”

  1. SI Says:

    Is it just me.. or does this kinda look like one of those books that has been sitting in your English class at school, since the dawn of time?

    I’m sure I have a copy of Beowulf I took from school that is by the same artist. Will have to look it out. Could just be of the times though.

  2. little mi Says:

    It does rather look like it’s been drawn by a particularly imaginative 7 year old. I just love the spurting kangaroo blood though.

  3. CSA Says:

    cool space rocket. the detail is incredible.

    I think the artist asked himself one question, and that is: what is the most famous artistic depiction of a battle?
    To which he answered: The Bayeaux Tapestry

    so hes tried to do The Bayeaux Tapestry but with lizards, dwarfs, and lasers. Good show sir!

  4. Roses Says:

    I am enjoying the juxtapostition of the fortress on the small hill and the space rocket.

    Is there a proper name for a lizard crossed with centaur?

    Though if I were that space dude, I’d be worrying about being carried by something that looks at kangaroo blood with such enjoyment…

  5. little mi Says:

    I’ve just realised, the dwarfs with spears appear so be some kind of mouse or other small brown rodent with pointy ears. Its kind of cute really.

    I agree, the spaceship is nice. A good classic spaceship shape, very pleasing.

  6. JustinLeego Says:

    Space Don Quixote!

  7. Chris Says:

    It really does look like it’s been drawn by a child, especially because it appears to have been coloured in by felt pen. The drawing of the spaceship is particularly poor.

  8. Nix Says:

    That character on the cover: we’ve seen him more recently. It’s a kif! I always knew Panther employed time-travelling plagiarists as cover artists.

  9. Luc D Says:

    Lizard Horse: I think it would be much more practical if you rode into battle on my back. Don’t you?
    Man (pouting): No! Carry me like a baby or I won’t go at all! (Starts to hold breath and stamp feet)
    Lizard Horse: (sighs) Alright alright…

  10. THX 1138 Says:

    “Falkayn hell!” – the kangaroo’s last words.

  11. Perry Armstrong Says:

    I love the way space dude’s clothing is colour-coordinated with his ship – Stylish!

  12. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Panther’s bold attempt to capture the Australian SF market was decades ahead of its time.

  13. Ray P Says:

    The blue dragon centaur in the van Rijn trade co. stories is a philosophical sort with a Buddhist outlook. He also likes money and plays poker with David. OH and there is a lady cat person too, unhappily absent from this cover. She really likes money.

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