Mar 26

You're a white witch... I'm a black samurai.. opposites attract, right?

Horses. Three horses to be exact! Well, lets put a generic ranger on one of them, but I was thinking of something different for the others…. Oh! A female sorcerer and a huge black samurai! Man, this is going to be a bestseller!

Thanks to CSA!

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10 Responses to “Wheel of time”

  1. admin Says:


    Some great covers from this series of books. Good show sir… good show.

  2. csa Says:

    the best thing about most his covers is that at no point does the scene on the cover happen in the book. the dude in samurai armour shouldn’t be wearing any armour at all (certainly not the ricockulous helmet) and the chick doesnt have a magic wand/scepter.

    Its like the artist slaped together a vague fantasy picture set in a town after picking a random page in the book and reading it… good show sir!

    The UK cover art is more respectable to be reading on a train ( but still cheesey)…

  3. Retardo Says:

    Looks like Darrell K. Sweet to me. The guy in the background is the same guy who’s in all of Sweet’s covers.

  4. Jason Says:

    To CSA: She does have a staff, yes. It’s never said how big it is, and Lan’s armor is never described, but it’s generally presumed he wears it.

  5. CSA Says:

    I’d always pictured lan with lighter armour. He certainly is never described as “clanking”, and that armour would certanily slow down any of the awesome feats of dexterity than Lan did. Also having a warders cloak would kind of be pointless stomping around in that armour.

    I’d forgotten moraine actually had a staff, i think i remember wondering why she was the only aes sedai who carried one… meh, i dont really care, the books are packed with enough inconsistencies without bringing the covers into it.

    I still guiltily enjoyed reading them, I know Adam Roberts loves them more than me though ( ).

  6. Rabbit Says:

    Okay, so this is fairly obviously supposed to be the initial exodus from the Two Rivers, maybe as they pass through Taren Ferry (the tall houses rather than smaller, thatched cottages of Emond’s Field). But Moiraine is a dark-haired Cairhienin, Lan should have long hair and a braided headband instead of that ridiculous helmet, and why is Rand going for the Robin Hood look? Personally, I think this one is fairly accurate.
    Most of the WoT covers are worse than this one–I don’t understand why DKS can’t seem to draw an attractive woman, and why his men are always so top heavy.

  7. CSA Says:

    Yeah, that cover is pretty accurate. Lan, considerably more accurate than in the cover above. Perrin perhaps is a little too… clean, and Rand looks slightly more feminine in that than i pictured him. But that comic looks pretty cool. Sadly I dont feel i need to revisit any of the WOT early story. I’ll admit i really enjoyed the last one but now just want to read the last two for the sake of completion, not that i expect any big surprises in the story.

  8. Tom Noir Says:

    Personally I don’t think this one is that bad. Generic, yes, and possibly not strictly reflective of a particular scene in the book.


    no cat centaurs are involved, no one has puppet hands, no one’s body posture is so contorted that one can’t tell if they are sitting or standing and there are no teddy bears to be found in this scene.

    Really this is a winner.

    The only part that makes me chuckle is the “the first part of book one” bit. You know what? I’d like to go ahead and just get the WHOLE book.

  9. GSS noob Says:

    What’s the smear over part of the shuriken? What are you hiding from us, GSS?

    That’s not the US edition — we got those books all in one giant chunk each, no splitting into separate volumes. I got an e-copy of many of them and haven’t read any.

  10. A. R.Yngve Says:

    The splash panel “THE FIRST PART OF BOOK ONE was obviously censored – the words “FORTUNATELY, NO MORE THAN…” were painted over.

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