Apr 01

Click for full image That’s right! It is finally here – Good Show Sir: The Book! It’s taken me a while to write because of the many pre-conjunctions but it’s coming out this month! My family and friends told me my real name isn’t strong enough so I have chosen a pen name to write […]

Dec 09

Click for full image Jami Comments: Me giant floating head and shoulders of Demolished Man. Me crush tiny stereotypical Hammer film type female vampire and tiny floating head version of me. Then me play with all the pretty animals and the tiny naked women. Tiny clothed men can get moon dust out of my giant […]

Sep 15

Click for full image Scott B’s Art Direction: Take a woman with highly improbable hair, with a snake wrapped around her shoulders. Sexy, eh? But we need to make it all technological-like, so the snake’s actually made of fiber-optic wires or something. And throw a computer keyboard behind her, to make sure people get it. […]

Jun 14

Click for full image Borkworm Bas Comments: This is a pretty early Heinlein cover which I quite like. Heinlein has fairly precise descriptions of the characters in the book including Oscar, the spacesuit. These descriptions are as faithfully depicted as possible by Steele Savage who obviously read the book or at least the descriptions. The […]

Jun 09

Click for full image Richard Comments: I recently bought some books from the wonderful (and charming) Gwyneth Jones. Gwyneth’s site you should have a look; she gives the money less p&p to Amnesty and her books are tremendous. She signed the book with the message requested, but had also written notes about the cover art. […]

Jan 18

Click for full image Nothing burns a visual greatness of fantasy into one’s mind better than a huge transparent face in the sky. And a woman with a large snake wrapped around her… yes I suggested it, and in fact I insist on it! Just make sure she’s grasping her magical wand.

Oct 12

Click for full image Billy Awesome Comments: Pull out all the stops.  I want the head of Sturgeon as a devil, floating on an asteroid made partially of humanoid hands and torsos, and partially of a futuristic city that looks like a garbage truck, his hair a naked lady with a peacock feather magic aura, […]

Jul 06

Click for full image Saxy Stevenson’s Art Direction: It’s the end of the world, everyone is going mental, imagine the worst case scenario… Someone cutting the head off a pigeon with loads floating space eyes looking worried… can you imagine the horror, can you? Published 1968 (maybe)

Feb 25

atClick for full image Art Direction: Look Moorcock’s covers are always strange. It’s like previous publishers took a handful of amphetamines before putting them to market. All we need is a big 80’s girls head floating in lots of clouds and some people on horses riding into war. No one will suspect any type of […]

Jun 08

Click for full image Jessie Comments: The marks to the left of the floating cat head are my fault – they’re scratches from when i was ripping off the $1 used book price tag. Published 1978 I think the scratches are the least of this covers problems! Many thanks to Jessie!