Aug 29

From the GSS Slack Channel:

Tweet Jane: Where did you guys disappear to? I had to get the cleaning lady to let me in the locked offices.

GSS Admin: Sorry, I’ve been on August holiday. I’ve always promised myself a month in Bangkok.

Tweet Jane: August holiday? You haven’t returned from last August’s holiday. Your voice mail and mailbox are full.

GSS Admin: Gotta run. The cabana boy is bringing over the cocktails.

Tag Wizard: Sorry, but I’ve, uh, been detained. It’s all a misunderstanding. My solicitor will have it all straightened out in no time at all!

Tweet Jane: Well what about the 2000th Post? We were planning to a have a contest, and prizes, and a big month-long rollout.

Tag Wizard: Oh yeah. Slipped my mind. Go into the submission form and see what’s laying around. Something with nice pair of jubblies is always a hit. The password is on a post-it note somewhere on my desk.

Tweet Jane: And I’m taking all the petty cash. You haven’t paid me in two months.

Univers 06

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Good Show Sir Comments: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Rosemary’s Baby Edition”

Thanks again to Alain for the J’ai Lu’s!

Published 1976

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