Feb 18

Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!Click for larger image

Zoom in to further enjoy Fire Dancer, Dancer’s Luck, and Dancer’s Illusion!

Good Show Sir Comments: One of our little birds sent us a link to the Smart Bitches Trashy Books blog from a few years past, wallowing in the glory of terrible Ann Maxwell book covers. We’ve skewered a few in the past such as this one, and this one. This Signet series of “Dancer Series” covers has us doffing out hat and saying Good Show Sir! Good show, indeed.

Sadly, all three covers are by a graduate of the Unknown Artist Institute, as per

Published 1982, 1983

Actually, that cover IS a classical work of art!I would touch it without protective gloves.I've seen worse. Far, far, worse.Interesting, but I would still read it in public.Middlng: Neither awful nor awfully goodWould not like to be seen reading that!Awful... just awful...That belongs in a gold-lame picture frame!Gah... my eyes are burning! Feels so good!Good Show Sir! (Average: 8.33 out of 10)

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