Jul 28

Sy Klops, balding Jewish astronautClick to make that fat head bigger

Tom Noir’s Art Direction: “Actually we’ve outsourced this cover to a group of Photoshop experts in North Korea. These guys are brilliant, you’ll see!”

Published 1963

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23 Responses to “The Hounds of Tindalos”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    “Ah, actually you see Yuri Gagarin was the first who didn’t return to Earth looking like this.”

  2. Bibliomancer Says:

    Who let the dogs out?

  3. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Best not to ask about his ‘bubble butt’.

  4. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the rest of the New York Times quote.’

  5. JuanPaul Says:

    They say that goldfish only grow as large as their environment allows.

  6. Billy Awesome Says:

    So…the spacesuit designers grafted the bubble helmet collar directly to the cyclops’ double chin? That’s an OSHA complaint just waiting to be filed the first time he has to look to his left.

  7. Tat Wood Says:

    Man Ray’s entry for the award for Most 1930s Christmas Tree Bauble.

  8. fred Says:

    As soon as I saw this title in his bibliography I had to find the cover.

  9. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Honestly, I think his shoulders are even weirder than his head.

  10. Anna T. Says:

    I take it there is no “cyclops” tag? Mind you, that would require covers with cyclopes to turn up more often, and this seems to be the first one in a long while.

    This cover does look somewhat disturbing, though, which makes it slightly acceptable for a cosmic horror story . . . except that there is no cyclops astronaut in the story, as I understand it.

  11. Tag Wizard Says:

    @Anna T. – I’ve seen more than one Cyclops (Cyclopss?) around here. Find me another and we can start adding that tag.

  12. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @TW: technically we’ve seen at least five!

  13. Eric Says:

    “I was skimming through this and kept seeing the adjective ‘cyclopean.’ That probably means ‘pertaining to cyclops… cyclops-es… cyclopssssss…’ whatever. Right? And you said this stuff is called ‘cosmic horror’? So we slap a cosmic cyclops on the front and call it a day, yeah? Who’s buying drinks after work?”

  14. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    @TW: Another Day, Another Dungeon, another cyclops. Good night, people!

  15. Tat Wood Says:

    The real reason Alan Coren stuck to radio after 1990?

  16. SI Says:

    “What he lacks in depth perception he certainly makes up with willingness to expose oneself to dangerous radiation.”

  17. Bibliomancer Says:

    Add a beard and another eye and he kind of looks like this guy.

  18. Anna T. Says:

    @Tag Wizard, @DSWBT, @Eric: The plural of “cyclops” is “cyclopes”, pronounced “SYC-lo-PEEZ”. Since you were all wondering.

  19. Tat Wood Says:

    @Anna T.: any idea how to pronounce ‘Tindalos’? Is it like ‘Tin Dallas’ or ‘Tender-loss’?
    (I veer towards the latter, and have been trying not to think of the ‘Fingermouse’ song from ‘Fingerbobs’ for the last couple of days: 56 seconds in and the ‘famous body swerve’ reference is fifty years old this week).

  20. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    The thing of it is, this fellow wouldn’t look that out of place in Metallica’s All Nightmare Long video.

  21. RachelJ Says:

    How could you forget these?

  22. Tat Wood Says:

    @RachelJ: months of therapy.

  23. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Terry Gilliam called and he wants his drawing back!

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