Feb 27

Oh Black Hole of Calcutta!Click for larger image

Still Life with Tits!Cliquez pour retirer le mouton

It’s a Two-Fer Tuesday Productions of Time Face-off

#1 JuanPaul Comments: Young art students, do not skip figure drawing class.

#2 Good Show Sir Comments: JuanPaul sets me up for a Two-Fer Tuesday challenge.
I see your non-papillial people and raise you two boobs!

Published 1967, 1985

You might remember this from here.

Actually, that cover IS a classical work of art!I would touch it without protective gloves.I've seen worse. Far, far, worse.Interesting, but I would still read it in public.Middlng: Neither awful nor awfully goodWould not like to be seen reading that!Awful... just awful...That belongs in a gold-lame picture frame!Gah... my eyes are burning! Feels so good!Good Show Sir! (Average: 8.87 out of 10)

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23 Responses to “The Productions of Time / Les Productions du Temps”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    1: This is why audiences are deserting the theatre. Look, there they are, deserting!

    2: Anyone seen my novelty doorbells?

  2. Francis Boyle Says:

    #1 Looks like a lot of jelly.
    #2 Looks like two jellies.

    I don’t think I’m hungry anymore.

  3. Bibliomancer Says:

    1. The orgy scattered when they spotted the peeping tom.

    2. The bra for the full-figured gal who still wants to go topless.

  4. JuanPaul Says:

    1. @FB it’s like a strawberry rhubarb petri dish

    2. Women will eventually evolve so they don’t have to say, “my eyes are up here” ever again.

  5. fred Says:

    1) Sounds like a perfect Max Bialystock production.

    20 It’s Gandalf’s description of seeing the afterlife for the first time. Except he left out the tits for some reason.

  6. JuanPaul Says:


    “PIPPIN: I didn’t think it would end this way.

    GANDALF: End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

    PIPPIN: What? Gandalf? See what?

    GANDALF: Boobs.

    PIPPIN: Well, that isn’t so bad.

    GANDALF: No. No, it isn’t.”

  7. Anna T. Says:

    1/English Edition: Naked woman with differently-sized legs looks to escape from bizarre pink dimension populated by an armless man, an alien and a bald man with a soul patch, all watched over by a giant floating eye.

    2/French Edition: A sculpture consisting of a headless, armless, waistless torso floating in midair, held up by a cloth drape about its shoulders, with a head sunk partly into the ground behind it and a table in front of it, draped with cloth with a pair of bare breasts sticking out, one on either side of a hole.. A rose garland has been draped around its neck, and a bird vaguely resembling a peafowl has perched on its shoulder. Is it supposed to be modern art?

  8. Tor Mented Says:

    2). Sarah, haven’t I told you to not just leave your tits lying around?

  9. Tor Mented Says:

    2). “My tits are on the table” sounds like a bargaining tactic.

  10. Tor Meneted Says:

    2). All in favor of tabling the tits say ‘aye.’

  11. GSS ex-noob Says:

    My initial thoughts:

    1. Wow, that’s terrible, very 70s.

    2. … wtf, click disembodied tits on a plate? With, maybe, Caesar and a mutant peacock?

    The French Unknown Artist Institute is even weirder than the Anglo-American one.

    Does this book, in any language, involve naked people being ripped apart into pieces?

    Programmed perversion — did this anticipate the Internet?

    Looked at “you may remember” and wondered if the novel ever had a cover you could read on the bus.

    #1 is a lot of anatomical issues. Nobody has any parts in proportion.

    #2 did this presage “Portlandia”, to put a bird on it? Can’t decide if what le mouton’s hiding is more fried eggs or hotel desk bells. In the former case, they might be applied here:

    Sacre bleu!

    A gander at Amazon reveals I actually bought this on Kindle during a big freebie binge. It has a cover with title, author, and a geometric design. Probably the only decent cover ever, in a medium where nobody sees it.

    Still not motivated to read it soon.

  12. Tor Mented Says:

    I hope I didn’t transgress any rules with my comments. Feel free to substitute words of your choice.

  13. Raoul Says:

    OK. This comment thread has gone tits up.

  14. Tag Wizard Says:

    Sorry Tor. We have a two tits per comment limit.

  15. B. Chiclitz Says:

    But the best part of GSS is the spontaneous back and forth, the give and take, the, what do you call it, tit-for-tat.

  16. Tor Mented Says:

    @TW: It makes sense that they should go in pairs.

  17. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @BC: But Tat didn’t comment on this one.

  18. B. Chiclitz Says:

    @GSSxn—yeah, and I floated it out there like the perfect softball 😉

  19. Tag Wizard Says:

    @GSSxN – Good Show Sir, err Ma’am!

  20. Tat Wood Says:

    Now you’ve all got that off your chests, it’s safe for me to comment.

    (Honestly, you’d thik I’d never heard that one before.)

    #2’s too obviously in thrall to di Chirico to be worthy of attention but that first one… it’s as if a pub-fight in Romford (two bald blokes arguing over a girl who isn’t wearing much) had been flung into the titles for ‘The Twilight Zone’ (the not very good one with the eyeball and the door). Maybe this is what a second series of ‘Garth Marengi’s Darkplace’ would have used.

  21. B. Chiclitz Says:

    (Honestly, you’d thik I’d never heard that one before.)

    @Tat—But postmodern humor isn’t a guy making a joke, it’s a guy acting like a guy making a joke.

    Like that de Chirico reference.

  22. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @BC: And who am I to ignore such a gracious set-up? Pomo or not.

    @Tat: (Sorry. Had to.) So the chap farthest left is the angry publican, thinking “Oi! Take it outside!” in this scenario?

    I don’t know, with all that red and pink, it might be too bright for Marenghi. I can see him getting this as a proposal from Warner or maybe Todd and shooting it down by saying “The programme’s called ‘DARKplace’! This isn’t dark!”

    I must say, this is a t’riffic site, where an awful, blobby book cover can lead one to ponder imaginary “Darkplace” episodes.

  23. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I hate the French cover more – it’s twice as pretentious.

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