Jan 05

This is Thor, his favourite food is faces.Click for full image

So, how about a women of a darker colour? And by darker colour I clearly mean black, like really black. Like Spinal Tap black album black, oh and long white hair with scary eyebrows. And a strange furry bat-like creature on her shoulder. In the never-ending game of distraction it might take away from the obvious faux pas.

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20 Responses to “Forerunner”

  1. SI Says:

    And we are back. 😀

    Not too sure why but I bought this one for 35p. Bargin!

  2. CSA Says:

    Ah the good ole Star Trek philosophy, mankind travels the length of the galaxy only to find that humans and aliens are identical apart from the colour of their skin and hair and they wear oriental clothing.

    What’s it the Forerunner to? A white skinned alien with black hair? …creepy

  3. little mi Says:

    That is one very startled bat. Clearly it’s found something disturbing with its left wing.

    Also I think that it’s ment to be shine but it does look rather like her face is fading to white on the chin and under her eyes. A little disturbing!

  4. SI Says:

    Little Mi > She could have just had some problems with her white powder box. Which I am sure every alien women has.

    At least she put her lipstick on right.

  5. CSA Says:

    It turns out the artist originally drew it all in blues and black, but the incompetent editor accidentally hit “invert colours” button in MSPaint.

    In anycase, let me introduce you to forrunners beautiful sister:

  6. little mi Says:

    I kind of like CSA’s one even better. It looks like she goes out bludgeoning strange men for fun.

  7. Simon Says:

    Her hair seems oddly . . . solid. As if carved from a very pale piece of word. It must be very heavy. Which perhaps expalins her fixed expression ‘Must stay still, must stay still, hair will fall off if I move’.

    And the bat creature is just, well, shit really.

  8. Simon Says:

    That would be ‘wood’ not ‘word’ though obviously Andre carved it from words originally.

  9. Simon Says:


    Can we have a preview feature please?

  10. SI Says:

    haha, Alright we will see what we can do about that preview thing.

    What I find interesting about the cover CSA linked to is, ‘First time in paperback’. I’ve seen that on other books and my thought has always been the same – ‘Why is that a good thing?’ It’s thinner? Lighter? A few quid cheaper? Maybe that was an exciting thing back in the 1980’s.

  11. admin Says:

    HA! How is that for service?! Comment preview is now installed!

    Just shows you how much we at GSS care about our visitors. Or how much I am trying to avoid doing actual work. 😉

  12. Nix Says:

    Well, I put off buying a lot of hardback books because I just don’t have the shelf space for them. So ‘first time in paperback’ means ‘might want to buy this, haven’t missed anything’.

  13. SI Says:

    Oh good point about the shelf space. Still not sure its still something to brag about on your cover.

    Everything should just come leather bound and looking like it was printed in the early 1900’s. That way even your dragonlance collection could make you look intelligent 😉

  14. Maureen Says:

    Re: the linked cover

    Ah, a Victoria. She was Saddam Hussein’s favorite artist, oddly enough. He cornered the market in her art, which explains why one never saw much of her stuff in the nineties.

  15. beebe Says:

    This is clearly a drow elf from 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

  16. nofrigatelikeabook Says:

    Holy crap, it’s Momo!

  17. CBRetriever Says:

    I’ve read the book – the character actually does have dark skin and white hair and one of the animals she tools around with is kinda similar to what’s pictured.

  18. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    The first book cover ever published in the ultraviolet!

  19. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Why do I suddenly get this craving for cotton candy..??

  20. Ray P Says:

    Andre Norton wrote a Jerry Cornelius story? She was hipper than I thought.

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